Easy Packing Life Hacks For The Next Time You Travel
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5 Important Packing Hacks That You Never Knew Existed But Will Never Forget

Your ultimate guide to packing effectively!

5 Important Packing Hacks That You Never Knew Existed But Will Never Forget
Arushi Sachan

I suck at packing. Period.

Whenever I pack, it can be easily expected of my room to look like a complete mess. I do like organizing things but packing isn't my favorite of the organizing activities.

However, since I am always having to do it, whether it is for weekend getaways, week-month long trips, or moving countries altogether, I have become fairly sound at my skills by repetitive practice. I have also had to pack for very last minute trips and have found my way around hurried packing. Different from the hours you spent folding clothes to the quick rolling that made better use of the space in your suitcase, here are some awesome hacks I have compiled for you to start packing effectively:

1. The Ziplock trick

I fell in love with this hack when my favorite travel blogger 'Where In The World Is Nina' showed it first on her Instagram story. She folded all her clothes and slid them into a bunch of airtight ziplock bags. The items become so compact if folded well and made airtightly, that they consume lesser space than they would otherwise, whether rolled or folded neatly.

2. The sock trick

My perfume bottle, my wine bottle and everything delicate usually go safe and sound inside my socks. The more delicate the item, the more layers it gets. Smaller items that are susceptible to breaking can go inside the hard case of your sunglasses. This method is so much better than wrapping towels or clothes around delicate items, as you never know what gets displaced within your suitcase.

3. The contact case trick

I don't wear contact lenses but I bought a couple only so that I can empty and fill the cases with any liquids that I want, like face cream, foundation, concealer, sunscreen and what not. These are particularly useful for short getaways like a weekend or weeklong trips where you'd not want to take heavier bottles of liquids.

4. The dryer sheets trick

Not many ever think of this, but how your clothes smell are so important, and traveling can mess that up. I guarantee you that there will be times that you'll forget your perfume during your travels and this tip could be your savior in those times. Spread out a couple of Bounce dryer sheets around and in between your clothes so they stay fresh.

5. The garbage bag trick

Since I am backpacking 90% of the time, I have learned to be prepared for the rain, especially when I am out walking and hiking for hours in a row. While you can protect your backpack with rain gear, it is still risky because it only covers the outer portion of the backpack. I usually tend to go the extra mile and stuff all my ziplock bags inside a huge garbage vacuum bag before sliding it into my backpack or suitcase.

For more travel hacks and inspiration, check out my blog: Trot With Arushi

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