With just a few weeks away from Valentine's day, a lot there is so much that people do for people they love and care about.

A lot of people think valentines day is a joke, and in some cases it is it's a way to have stores make money, to meet their sales, but then sometimes it's a big thing a lot of people especially when money is hard to come by for them and they are trying to give their boyfriend or girlfriend something really special. So here are some small creative gift ideas that won't cost that much so you can give someone.

1. Bake goods

Find out what kind of bake goods they like and make them for them, like cookies, brownies, or even a cake!

2. 52 reasons why I love you!

Take cards or even paper and write 52 or whatever number you like about reasons why you love them! and then make them into a book or just find something to put them together with.

3. Love notes!

A lot of girls and a lot of guys love the notes that you write each other, it's something that is more meaningful then anything plus then they can re-read it over again.

4. Just one flower.

Some girls now these days want a big thing of flowers but that always cost a lot, so just giving one of their favorite flowers would be perfect.

5. Stuff Animal

Doesn't need to be a big one, just a small cute stuff animal

6. Candy!

Everyone loves candy, you can make someone a vase full of candy, all you need is candy and sticks, tape, and stuff to make it stay up and you will be all set! P.S you could just do candy no matter what.

7. Sing them a song

If you guys have a song together then sing it, even if you are really bad at it. Only because the words are the key to you telling them how you feel about them!

8. Make something for them

Find pictures that you have of each other and make it into a poster of the special moments you two have shared.

9. Post something on Facebook!

These days on facebook and other sites you see people posting stuff about who they are with and everything, I know for me that makes me feel happy that a guy takes the time to do that for someone he loves to show the world that he loves her.

10. Dinner and Movie

Make dinner for the two of you, and then cuddle and watch a few movies, this way you two can have time to relax and eat and even enjoy a movie together.

Now you can do these things for the person you are with but also your friends and family at any time, it's always nice to have someone think about you even if it's from a friend or family!