I hate rigid recipes that involve exact amounts, exact cooking times and temperatures, special tools, a million ingredients and complicated techniques. I do not have the patience to wait for a cake to be baked, I will open the oven too soon and eat it before it is done. Also, I can not be bothered with the clean up afterwards.

Good to have that out of the way; I am not a chef.

However, I have been enjoying hanging out in the kitchen lately, making stuff that is impossible to screw up, cooking up the type of things for which you only need one pot and one spoon, that don't require much cooking time and include ingredients that you can just sprinkle around and eyeball the amounts added. Uncomplicated, simple things.

In that line, here is a quick 3-ingredient fizzy drink that I have been sipping on featuring my favorite jungle-spice: ginger. Also, not unimportant, it looks really really really elegant.


/ Ginger
/ Honey
/ Sparkling water
/ Ice cubes (optional)

Chop up a large chunk of ginger, blend it together with a big scoop of honey and a little bit of water until the mixture has the consistency of a syrup. Add three tablespoons of your freshly made ginger syrup in a cup, add an ice cube, and pour over some sparkling water.