Earn Free Food and More by Going to Class
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Earn Free Food and More by Going to Class

A new mobile app is giving students a reason to want to stay off their phones in class.

Earn Free Food and More by Going to Class

A new phone app that allows students to "earn," points to redeem discounts and free food from businesses is making its way to LSU.

"Pocket Points," is a smartphone app that uses geo-fencing to tell when a student is on or off campus and obtain points for every time that a phone is locked and not in use during class.

Sounds easy, right?

The app was created by two California State University Chico students, Rob Richardson and Mitch Gardner, according to The Daily Collegian.

The students created the app so more students would have motivation to stay off of their phones while in college classes, making it easier for them to pay attention.

"Pocket Points is forming a symbiotic relationship between students, professors and local businesses," Adele Cosse, LSU Pocket Points ambassador said.

"The app is rewarding college students with deals and discounts on things they enjoy for paying attention in class," Cosse said.

Students can download the app for free from the App Store, type in their location and begin gaining points to popular restaurants and businesses around campus.

Many popular food chains such as New York Bagel Company, Subway, Domino's and Izzo's are already registered on the app for students to earn discounts.

Cosse says that she is "really excited for more students to become aware of the app and its benefits."

"Free food and the potential for better grades... what more could students want?"

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