Feeling Stressed In College Right Away

I've been at college for a total of two weeks now, and it seems that I'm already burning out. Syllabus week quickly turned into actual classes with quizzes, exams, homework assignments, and readings galore. Meetings seem to pile on top of one another and time feels like it's being ripped away from you. It feels like there is no time for yourself and you quickly become stressed.

College is a time of stress. We are in constant battle, fighting for our GPAs, our careers, and futures. We constantly question our decisions (or is it just me?) and worry. But I realized something far more important recently about myself.

I've got this.

Everyone is born with the amazing abilities to conquer the world. College is a stepping stone to reaching our goals that seem out of this world but are completely possible.

We are put to the test to show ourselves that we can achieve anything that we desire. The balance of classes, organizations, jobs, and our personal lives is a test that proves that we can handle anything.

Being a Community Leader, a student, and a sorority member has challenged me more than anything in my freshman year. I have balanced taking 16 credit hours, managing a floor of 25 residents, and been an active member of my organization for a solid two weeks and I feel exhausted. With bags under my eyes that twitch, coffee in hand, and energy in desperate need, I worry about how I'm going to manage the rest of this year.

But I know that I have the strength and power to make this the best year yet. I have already had some of the best times of my life as a college sophomore beginning at the start of this past summer, and I truly know in the bottom of my heart that the best is yet to come.

To those who feel stressed two weeks into college -- same. I have never felt this stressed in my life. But remember this: you are not alone and you got this. There is no challenge or problem that you can't overcome. Right now it seems impossible, but it will work out. I may not know everything, but I know that you are strong and resilient.

You got this. You are not alone. Now go conquer college, then the world!


Someone who's also struggling

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