There are a lot of people who desperately want to become teachers. This is not a bad thing, as everyone else says. Teaching is under the giant umbrella of humanity. They do good for children, their parents, and the community.

A tough one to come by from everyone else is Early Childhood. It's the one that is mostly forgotten. It's the one when people instantly think "BABIES" when it isn't just that. It's the one where I think we get the most disrespect. Who on Earth would want to be a preschool teacher? A kindergarten teacher? Even first, second, or third grade?

I would.

These 16 quotes have been collected from my own personal interactions with non-education majors, and I have also written down some of these from classmates and what they have heard. These are interesting, but they also infuriate me.

1. "You just play all day."

Wrong. Play is only a sliver of what we do in our classrooms. "All day" is an extreme exaggeration. You wouldn't know, since you've never experienced it firsthand.

2. "You babysit."

Wrong again! I don't get paid to sit around and watch children. All money aside, I am there to teach children, get to know them, and make a difference in their lives. Babysitting is waiting around for the parents to come back. That is not what a teacher is.

3. "It's easy."

Ouch. I mean, if only you knew. Teaching is not easy. Being an education major is not easy, regardless of what grade you want to teach. There is a lot of thought, time, and effort that go into all the work we have to do.

4. "Those who can't do, teach."

I actually take offense to this because I am pretty sure teachers can multitask. I am also sure that I can do other things besides teach. Being a teacher wasn't an abrupt decision because I couldn't do anything. I chose this because I wanted it.

5. "The money isn't the best."

We get it. It's hard enough when you shove it down my throat. I understand that the money isn't great; I am well aware. But I also love teaching. I will make it through.

6. "Why would you want to do that your whole life?"

Well, because I do? It's my passion, just like you have a passion.

7. "Kids are difficult."

No. I don't think so. Some people just aren't meant to teach, and they have another destiny. Kids are kids. You were a kid once. Give them a break. They are there in school to learn.

8. "You get summers off, so don't complain."

Even though I am not physically in my classroom during the summer months, I still do lots of planning for the classroom environment and for future schedules and lessons. It's a lot more work than you think.

9. "You just doodle."

Where did you get that from?

10. "I don't have that much patience to handle that."

Well, good. Let me handle it.

11. "What could you possibly learn about children?"

A lot, actually. They are very young souls, capable of doing anything. In our college-level courses, we learn how they play, how they explore, and much more. So, yes. From their birth to adolescence, we can actually learn a lot about children.

12. "Lesson plans aren't that hard."

Want to try one out for size? You're going to cry. Lesson plans are time consuming, and they must be right and completed on time.

13. "You wipe boogers for a living."

Wrong, yet again. There is a difference between a daycare and a public school.

14. "Teaching drains the life out of you."

There may be times when we are all utterly exhausted. No matter what profession, I think we can all agree. However, teaching does not drain the life out of me. It gives me life.

15. "You won't make it."

What do you mean by this? Please explain before I hit you with some knowledge.

16. "It's not even fun."

You wouldn't even know! Again, don't judge if you've never been through it. It actually is fun. Teaching really does make my life better.

I can't imagine being anything else in life. We are getting tired of these questions and statements, so we suggest you quit it. Teachers save the world.