These Eagle Underdogs Are Hungry, So Football Fans, Watch Out

These Eagle Underdogs Are Hungry, So Football Fans, Watch Out

With a little playoff magic, the Eagles are on their way to face the top-seeded Saints. As an 8 point underdog, the city of Philadelphia embraces this role.


The underdog role for this team is all to familiar. Rewind back to last season (2017-2018) when starting Quarterback Carson Wentz was having what would be an MVP year before getting injured against the Rams in Week 14. Call on backup Quarterback Nick Foles to assume the starting job for the playoffs.

The high seeded Eagles quickly became underdogs. Even though Wentz wasn't at the helm, the rest of the squad stepped up their efforts in the playoffs and were able to defeat the Patriots to win the Superbowl. Nick Foles played such a spectacular game that he was named Superbowl MVP. Fast forward to the 2018-2019 season, the Superbowl hangover was all to real for the Birds.

The Philadelphia Eagles started off the season very sluggish, starting off their season with a record of 4-4 before dropping 2 important games to bring them down to 4-6. When Philadelphia traveled to New Orleans in Week 11 it seemed as if their season was on the line with a 4-5 record. Philadelphia needed to get a win to have a shot at the playoffs. Watching the game, it looked like the Eagles didn't even show up as they got blown out 48-7.

They had numerous chances to control their own destiny when playoff hopes were on the line and came up short. The birds managed to sneak into the playoffs grabbing the 6th seed needing help in Week 17 of the regular season. Heading into Sunday's game against the 3rd-seeded Bears The Eagles were a 6.5 point underdog, however, most fans that I talked to were not worried about facing the toughest defense in the league on the road.

Even with Foles throwing 2 interceptions early on The Eagles were able to march down and cap off a 12-play 60-yard drive with a 2-yard touchdown pass from Foles to Golden Tate putting them up 16-15. Still with time left the Eagles gave up some big plays on defense but never gave up as Treyvon Hester was able to tip the would be game winning field goal from Bear's Kicker Cody Parkey, causing it to hit the left upright.

The Eagles were able to pull off some playoff magic with their backup QB and a few backup defenders on the other side of the ball. Will the magic continue when they head down to New Orleans and face future Hall-of-Famer Drew Brees and the rest of that high-powered Saints offense? One would have to think that Philadelphia is going to play with some fire, not only because their season is on the line, but because of how convincingly the Saints won back in Week 11.

No surprise, Philly is at an 8-point underdog currently, but most Eagles fans embrace this position. I bet that the Saints aren't too crazy about hosting the birds, because it feels all too familiar to last years playoff run. If the Eagles are able to pull out a win and advance to the NFC championship or perhaps even the another Superbowl appearance this raises and interesting dilemma.

With the salary cap, it is hard to imagine that the Eagles will be able to afford paying Nick Foles properly while having him as a backup Quarterback. It seems that Nick Foles will not stay in Philadelphia after this season and test his hand in free agency. Even though Foles is 29 years old, he doesn't have as much wear and tear on him as most players would at his position. What is crazy to think about is that division-rival New York Giants could show interest in Foles as a Quarterback for the interim period while trying to find a franchise player at QB through the draft.

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To The Coach Who Ruined The Game For Me

We can't blame you completely, but no one has ever stood up to you before.

I know you never gave it a second thought, the idea that you're the reason I and many others, never went any farther in our athletic careers.

I know you didn't sincerely care about our mental health, as long as we were physically healthy and our bodies were working enough to play. It's obvious your calling wasn't coaching and you weren't meant to work with young adults, some who look to you as a parent figure or a confidant.

I also know that if we were to express our concerns about the empty feeling we began to feel when we stepped onto the court, you wouldn't have taken the conversation seriously because it wasn't your problem.

I know we can't blame you completely, no one has ever stood up to you before. No one said anything when girls would spend their time in the locker room crying because of something that was said or when half the team considered quitting because it was just too much.

We can't get mad at the obvious favoritism because that's how sports are played.

Politics plays a huge role and if you want playing time, you have to know who to befriend. We CAN get mad at the obvious mistreatment, the empty threats, the verbal abuse, “It's not what you say, its how you say it."

We can get mad because a sport that we loved so deeply and had such passion for, was taken away from us single-handedly by an adult who does not care. I know a paycheck meant more to you than our wellbeing, and I know in a few years you probably won't even remember who we are, but we will always remember.

We will remember how excited we used to get on game days and how passionate we were when we played. How we wanted to continue on with our athletic careers to the next level when playing was actually fun. We will also always remember the sly remarks, the obvious dislike from the one person who was supposed to support and encourage us.

We will always remember the day things began to change and our love for the game started to fade.

I hope that one day, for the sake of the young athletes who still have a passion for what they do, you change.

I hope those same athletes walk into practice excited for the day, to get better and improve, instead of walking in with anxiety and worrying about how much trouble they would get into that day. I hope those athletes play their game and don't hold back when doing it, instead of playing safe, too afraid to get pulled and benched the rest of the season.

I hope they form an incredible bond with you, the kind of bond they tell their future children about, “That's the coach who made a difference for me when I was growing up, she's the reason I continued to play."

I don't blame you for everything that happened, we all made choices. I just hope that one day, you realize that what you're doing isn't working. I hope you realize that before any more athletes get to the point of hating the game they once loved.

To the coach that ruined the game for me, I hope you change.

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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ASU Baseball Is Already Knocking It Out Of The Park

All eyes are on the Sun Devils as they enter the national poll this previous week. The Sun Devils are the last unbeaten team left in the NCAA.


Starting off the season 18-0? Not bad, considering the Sun Devils' haven't gone undefeated at the start of the NCAA baseball season since 2010 when they went 24-0, but honestly where did this come from? In the 2017-18 season, the Devils finished off with 23-32, sitting towards the bottom of the Pac-12. Now they're the top of the conference, past the usual Pac-12 baseball powerhouse, Oregon State.

On a team with only 27 on the roster, which makes it the smallest team in the Pac-12, you wouldn't really expect such an explosive start to the season. Take a look at the improvements made, though, and you'll see why.

For starters, catcher Sam Ferri is back healthy and ready for this season to start with both pitchers Alec Marsh and RJ Dabovich, who've both thrown some great games, but if we're being honest here, have been a little inconsistent with a few errors, but have been backed up by the offense to get the job done.

On offense, Hunter Bishop and Spencer Torkelson are the ones to watch out for. Torkelson was named Pac-12 freshman of the year last year, after setting the Pac-12 freshman record of home runs. Now he's back with some deadly at-bat presence, as you can always expect a few RBIs from him, and also doing a great job at infield (#TorkBomb). Bishop's following suit, with major at-bats against Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Xavier.

Safe to say being ranked #23 right now is huge for a program that struggled majorly in the past seasons and has had some great players transfer out recently. Despite being faced with huge adversity before the season, this lineup is really producing some good stuff this year, and by being undefeated through the first month of play really exemplified that.

Hats off to Head Coach Tracy Smith for helping these young men after having the program suffer for a while.


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