Each Side Has An Opinion

The upcoming day is probably one of the most unpredictable, horrifying, important day in a long time. The presidency has been the only thing on the news for the past few months, it’s the topic that some people have avoided discussing. People avoid it because an unpleasant side of a person comes out. We all argue the points of each side until finally one person walks away because they had enough.

Let’s face it, there were always just two candidates since Clinton became the democratic representative. The up-and-coming generation felt betrayed when Sanders stepped down and then they had to do the impossible — they had to research. Some have come to the conclusion that they were going to write in a vote and then that will more than likely go to waste.

This article will probably be out when the next president has been decided. But this is more of a reminder piece than anything else. No matter who the next president is, we all voted for who we thought was best suited for the position.

If Hillary becomes president, that female that sits next to you on the bus didn’t vote for her because she was female. She decided she would vote for her because she didn’t want to her rights be flushed down the drain.

The middle-aged guy who goes to the same bar every Thursday, who is drinking an ice-cold beer voted for Trump because he thought he would get a break paying taxes.

The dark-skinned guy that was across from you at a bar voted for Clinton because he could have been afraid that he would have become a lesser citizen, like part of society already sees him as.

The adult female who you presumed is in her forties when you see her in your ethnics’ class voted for Trump because she believed Trump could bring this country to prosperity.

That elderly lady who you see walk into her usual café voted for who she thought was right.

The person in the next room voted for who they thought was suitable.

There are some obvious signs and stereotypes of who voted for whom but the thing is they had an opinion just like you did.

No matter who wins this election there will be people who will not be happy, they’ll even make their voice be heard. Some will go to lengthy extents.

So, I’ll leave you with this question: why isn’t the person who voted for the opposing candidate not entitled to an opinion just like you?

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