E3 2017
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E3 2017

A quick overview of some new titles to look out for in the 2017/18 year

E3 2017

For those that aren't aware, E3 is possibly the biggest once a year convention for the gaming industry. New games are announced from the major companies, new game engines are shown, and new hardware or consoles can be shown for the first time to audiences. Essentially, it's a gamers information Christmas. However, with the massive hype-machine that can come charging through the crowds, there's also a plethora of flops that either don't sit well with consumers or just fail outright. Here is a quick go-over as to what we have to expect in the coming gaming year, and what we can avoid.

Nintendo came out swinging hard this year with an unveiling of mostly software titles. 2 new games from the Metroid series will be making their way to stores at undetermined dates (one for the Switch, the other for the 3DS). This mean that Nintendo's big Heroine hero Samus will be making a much-demanded comeback. A mainline Pokémon game was also mentioned for the Switch, but serious details were withheld for now. In the meantime, Nintendo's beloved mascot Mario appeared in his next big title release Super Mario Odyssey, which has officially been slated for an October 27th release on the Switch. Fan-favorite game Rocket League was also confirmed to be making its way to the Switch around time for the holidays. And finally, Nintendo's big Switch launch title The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was confirmed to have 2 upcoming DLC releases. An impressive line-up for Nintendo, but chastised as it showed the company releasing more titles for the 2018 time scale rather than this year, which irritated some consumers and critics.

Sony took the stage next and brought out an equally impressive lineup. Starting off with an absolutely gorgeous gameplay trailer for the PS4's new Spider-Man title, the webslinger came in and soured through the New York skyline, zipping through construction zones and wrapping up thugs as he chased after a helicopter causing havoc on the street bound populace. Sony also showed more information and trailers for the next God Of War installment, which pits Kratos against the savage and powerful gods of Norse Mythology. The newest Call of Duty title also saw a multiplayer trailer, and is thankfully taking place during WWII rather than a farther future landscape like fans feared. Sony also unveiled a list of Virtual Reality titles, but didn't offer to lower the price of VR headsets. So, we'll see how that goes for them.

And finally, in no particular order (or grouping), here's a quick run down of other big titles looking for a 2017/18 release:

Far Cry 5 (with 2 NEW trailers)

Assassains Creed: Origins (Pyramid surfing in Egypt, ya'll!)

Wolfenstein II releasing October 27 (it's a good year to go back to hating Nazis)

Crackdown 3 is Xbox One exclusive, featured Terry Crews in a trailer, and releases November 7th

But most importantly:


More info on that SPECIFIC, LONG AWAITED, ANTICIPATED title has yet to release, but Square Enix and Disney have both said there would be another trailer and a world reveal at D3 Expo in July.

Miss anything that you found from E3 and are hyped/disappointed by? Let me know in a comment!

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