Just Like The Scranton Branch Of Dunder Mifflin, My College Roommates Are My Family

Just Like The Scranton Branch Of Dunder Mifflin, My College Roommates Are My Family

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Just Like The Scranton Branch Of Dunder Mifflin, My College Roommates Are My Family
Olivia Romano

Finding people you can laugh with is everything. Whether it be laughing at yourself, a situation, or a funny joke or meme. Laughing until it bellows throughout your body and fills your stomach, is the best feeling in the entire world. Especially when it is with your dearest friends!

My roommates are these people to me. There are six of us in a townhouse, living on a college campus, studying for our very different hopes and dreams, yet we all have things in common; that is the care and love we have for one another.

My favorite show of all time is "The Office." I would say the dynamic of our household is rather similar. The beauty of "The Office," is that each and every character is unique. Michael Scott and Pam are different, yet they still each bring the same significance to the show and are relatable.

I would say that my relationship with all of my roommates differs. If we are talking in terms of The Office, it will help to explain what I mean and if you have never watched "The Office," then I apologize in advance for my geeked out moment!

Similar to Dunder Mifflin, we are a team. A unit to be exact. People who match up for a common goal. Who strive to exist in peace, get things done, but also have fun in the process. People who look out for and protect one another. Because we're all part of the same "branch."

My roommate Sara, is Kelly Kapoor exactly! Sara adds so much color to our home. She is always coming through the door, voice at full volume, and ready to talk about her day. Sara is similar to Kelly, not just in the fact that she loves magazines and shopping and getting caught up on the latest gossip; but that she loves fiercely and wholeheartedly. Maybe not exactly how Kelly loved Ryan, but you get what I mean! She is always there for the ones she cares for.

Kate is soft-spoken. She is the opposite of Sara. She is wholesome, keeps to herself most days, mainly observes and giggles. But when she does interject in the chaos, she is Phyllis. Phyllis, in my opinion, is one of the funniest characters on The Office. There is never an episode where Phyllis speaks and I do not laugh. This is the same situation in our house. Kate may not say much but when she does, she hits hard with a hysterical one-liner!

Oh and how everyone loves a good Stanley! My roommate Kaleigh, is a strong beautiful girl. Much like Stanley who adds some sassy comic relief, Kaleigh always knows how to brighten my day. She is also the first person I would call if I ever ran into a confrontation. Stanley may have a "bad heart" physically, but according to Michael Scott, he has a large heart emotionally. Same as Kaleigh.

Erin Hannon is the sweetest most innocent character within The Office. She fills the room with smiles, radiates positivity, and is always down for absolutely anything. "Baby J", is our home's very own Erin. She is 4 foot 11 inches of pure energy! Similar to Erin, Jackie also cares deeply for every person she meets. She may not know it, but just having a little ray of sunshine like herself around 24/7 is the best kind of thing you need on a cloudy day.

Then the famous dynamic of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute. I cannot pinpoint who Cam and I are necessary. All I know is our relationship is very similar to that of "The Office." Cam and I are the two goofs of the household. Always feeding off of one another's energy, bits, and laughter. Much like the Michael and Dwight combo. We are each other's right-hand man in anything and everything.

Sure we have our comical moments, but even in the moments that are more serious; we are there for each other thick and thin. That extends to every one of my roommates. As Michael Scott would say, " The Scranton Branch is a family." There is truth in that. Regardless of the quick moments of frustration, busy schedules, and differences. We all are there for a common goal. That goal being friendship.

What friendship means to me? It means being there throughout the good and the bad moments. Understanding that everyone has their days, and on the days were not so much ourselves; friends are there to make us laugh until our bellies hurt. Keep our minds at ease with healthy distractions.

There is no other group of girls I would rather speak in accents, create our own language, put on podcasts, or be completely myself with. Heres to laughter and good friends.

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