A Dummies' Guide To Colorado Christian University's Slang

A Dummies' Guide To Colorado Christian University's Slang

Explaining the ins and outs of the weird terminology of CCU.

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I may be a little biased, but I think Colorado Christian University is a pretty fantastic place to go to school. Every couple of months, I get the chance to host potential students in my apartment and I end up taking them all over campus and explaining the different buildings and activities, and I realized that we at CCU have almost developed our own language. So, here is a quick guide to understanding some of the sayings you may hear on campus if you come and visit.

1. The Stu

I thought this was a fairly normal way to reference this place on campus, but as I talk to my friends from different colleges around the country, apparently referring to your Student Union as the "Stu" isn't normal.

2. Freshman Row

Freshman Row is the set of apartments that border the pond on campus. They're the oldest apartments built, with the smallest number of roommates, and I don't think that many freshmen actually live in them. I don't really know why it's called Freshmen Row if mostly upperclassmen live there, but it's just the way things are. We live in a fallen world.

3. Stairwell

A stairwell is a collection of apartments, like a dormitory hall. Stairwells make up buildings, and are all individually named, like The Lodge, The Reef, or Sand Lot, which are all separate communities of 10-20 students. Additionally, each stairwell has a brother and sister stairwell, located in the same building.

4. Heathen/Heretic

As a Christian body of students, we tend to come up with creative ways to insult each other. You may hear this in the following context, shouted across the cafeteria: "You ate the last piece of pizza! You heathen!"

5. FYI

This is not a shorthand way of abbreviating "for your information." Instead, "FYI" is a class that freshmen are required to take, called First Year Integration. It's kind of like a way to transition out of high school by providing a homeroom-like class. You also learn things like leadership types and what personality type you are in it.

6. The Nab

If you hear someone referring to our newest academic building as "The Nab," that means they're a seasoned CCU student. Before the building was named Leprino, everyone called it The Nab, short for "New Academic Building." It's not the most creative of names.

7. King Cougar

King Cougar is one of the weirder CCU traditions. Essentially, it's a talent show put on by all the guys. It's.... it's really weird.

8. DTR

"Define the relationship"-- a conversation between two individuals who need to determine whether they're going to become something more than friendship, or be "just friends."

9. D-Group

D-Group is short for Discipleship Group. During first semester freshmen year, there's a huge effort to make freshmen feel like a part of the CCU Community, so every Wednesday upperclassmen hold a kind of youth group so that students can find connect with even more people on campus.

9. One-on-one

Because there are always people around, it's really hard to find time alone with people, unless you specifically schedule it in. During freshmen year, D-group leaders schedule "one-on-one's" with students to make sure they have those personal connections, and that terminology sticks around in future years. Scheduling a "one-on-one" with one of your friends is a way of saying, "I need you not to come bug us because unless I define my space with this one individual, we will never never never be alone."

10. Young Adults

If you have a special someone and you haven't had that DTR yet, you can take them to Red Rocks Church which is a giant church down the street for "Young Adults," their youth group for the community. It's gigantic, and there's so much free coffee. So much.

11. Ring Before Spring

Dating in fall, married by spring. Every girl's dream and not terrifying at all.

12. Floating

When a young couple is perhaps having a DTR at the caf, there is a danger that they will get floated. Close friends will make a root beer float, and give it to the couple with two straws. Love is supposed to bloom from this encounter. I mean, at least you get a free root beer float out of it.

13. RAR

Apparently this isn't a thing in other schools. It's just a Resident's Assistant's Roommate.

14. Grab 'n Go

This is why I don't have any money in my student account. It's a little store inside my residence hall and I get so. much. ice cream. there.

Now, if you come on CCU's campus and hear some of these terms thrown around, you'll be able to understand at least a little bit of what is going on.

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