Duck Donuts Are All You Need In Life
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Duck Donuts Are All You Need In Life

Forget what you heard about other donut places.

Duck Donuts Are All You Need In Life
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I'm convinced Duck Donuts can solve the world's problems. if you're ever feeling down, or having a terrible day, look no further than the crispy fried goodness that is a Duck Donut.

Sure, you're thinking that you already know a shop with the best donuts, but you're wrong. The donuts from this shop are the best donuts in the world. Some place, somewhere there is a donut connoisseur reading this and nodding his head in agreement.

I had heard rumors of Duck Donuts before my excursion this past Sunday morning, just chatter around the donut mill. I had seen the Instagram's and recognized the brown boxes, but never expected my life to be changed by these donuts. Forget having a cake at my wedding, I'm just going to give all the guests a single Duck Donut.

Walking into Duck Donuts is like walking into a real life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The intoxicating smell of fried sweet dough fills your nostrils and awakens the hunger that was hiding underneath you blistering hangover. As soon as I walked in I realized I never wanted to leave. All I wanted to do is stay in the small corner shop in Arlington, Virginia and inhale sweet donuts.

I felt like the heart eyes emoji as I walked up to the cashier, dragging my feet as I went. My two friends and I decided to get a dozen because four donuts each seemed like enough and it's not like spring break was the next week or anything. After spotting the precious donuts, I was going to recommend each of us getting our own dozen, but I figured that would be more of a solo trip kind of thing. The kind of trip where I would go and get a dozen for myself, but pretend that I'm buying it for a ton of people. I would say to the cashier, "I'll have a dozen, but it's for all my friends that are very much real and sitting back at my house right now."

One of the hardest decisions I have made in my adult life, was picking those four donuts. It was like picking a favorite book or album, they all looked so good and presented individual qualities that I liked. I settled on: a glazed, a cinnamon sugar, a chocolate, and the creme de la creme the maple icing dipped in bacon.

Now I've had my fair share of maple and bacon food items, cowboy. I get the fad, I understand the perfect harmony that brings everyone back to eating pancakes and bacon at home in front of the Saturday morning cartoons. I've seen it done badly, and I've seen it done well. Duck Donuts does it the best.

The donuts, all made to order, are the star of the show. Being the degenerate I am, I couldn't wait to get home before eating a donut, the three of us sat in the car eating the still warm goodness. The donut is crispy on the outside, similar to a hushpuppy, but warm and soft as a regular donut inside. And it's not that sweet. According to the website, which I immediately checked after biting into the donut because I wanted to see if they deliver, the donuts are only made up of five ingredients. So the take away is that heaven is made up of five ingredients.

The maple frosting on top made up for the lack of sweet in the dough. The light brown frosting tasted like home and the chunks of bacon littered on top was the perfect amount of salty.

Two minutes later, after we all finished our donuts and were heavily breathing in the car, I realized that my life had been changed. I said aloud, "When I die, please bury me in a Duck Donut." And I still mean it. These donuts are fresh, simple, delicious and expertly crafted. Forget what you heard about donuts before reading this article, your life doesn't start until you eat one of these donuts.

And if anyone was wondering I said the word "donut" 30 times in this article. How's that for driving a point home?

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