If you're reading this you most likely have experienced your phone being an empty desert with rolling tumble weeds.


You may be that person that has looked at their phone and determined they most certainly do not have the "juice." As a self-proclaimed awkward person, I can heavily identify with the urge to check my notifications only to come across absolutely nothing new.

A 2015 study released by Deloitte found that on average, people in the United States across all age groups check their phones 46 times per day! Finding that out didn't completely surprise me, but what did astound me was my age group, between 18 and 24-year-olds, look at their phones an average of 74 times per day.

All those empty phone checks aside, it can sometimes hurt to constantly be bombarded with nothingness on one's phone. My ten-year-old self looks at twenty-one year old me now with disdain.

She shakes her head saying "You have a cell phone finally! Why doesn't it tweet-ring-blink-bling every 10 seconds with your millions of friends with the SUPER important time sensitive information?!" I simply sigh and place my phone back in my pocket. I have however put together some other ways to spend my time when my ga-zillions of friends are all simultaneously busy.

Personally, when I need a break from my phone all together I try these five things.

1. Get physical

I personally like dance and yoga but really any form of exercise is proven to lift your spirits.Maybe while you work up a sweat someone may "work up" the need to text you.

2. Journal/Plan

I absolutely love to plan things out. It makes me feel more in control of my life. Journaling works too because you can express your frustrations that your crush won't respond to your waving hand emoji you sent five minutes ago.

3. Create Something!

*ahem like creating this article* I love to write and create new ideas. It can be challenging ,but hey while you're focused someone will absolutely text you because people have an invisible radar of knowing to bug you when you're focused!

4. Practice Finger-spelling (American Sign Language)

sign language is such a fun language to learn and always randomly comes in handy. Practicing the alphabet can help you increase your speed and accuracy and hey! Your hands will be completely busy!

5. Become Beyonce

What I mean by this is grab your nearest hairbrush and completely belt out your favorite song. Don't forget to add the extra choreography and hit every note! You may also break into a sweat and work off a couple calories depending on how hard you dance!

There is no shame in hopping on another app to distract yourself from the fact that you pay for your phone bill and get one reply from anyone. Here are the main Apps I keep handy. I am also not a fan of paying for Apps (as I am sure most of us aren't) so all of these are free!

1. 7 Minute Workout-

A guided workout that loops in 7 Minutes.

2. Duolingo

A language learning Application. why not learn new languages to text people " hey, you never texted me back!"

3. Elevate

Some people like to play mind games in relationships, but these are just average mind games designed to help you improve critical thinking skills.

4. Tumblr

This is a social media, but it encourages you to lurk just but the sheer amount of information available. there is no pressure to get "the most likes". It is also set up in the for of a blog so you can express yourself there.

5. Bible App or Meditation App

I am personally a spiritual person and really use reading the Word to gain peace, but If you don't subscribe to that thinking you can also find the application Mindfulness helpful for meditation. Gain that inner peace!

Remember it's okay for your phone to be dry and I bet you're an awesome person! Hope you found my tricks helpful!