So, I have a confession.

Last night, I did something bad. I went somewhere I thought I wouldn't go again. I did things I thought I wouldn't do again.

That's right, I went to Taco Bell last night.

Yep, I did the deed. Did the dirty. Got in bed with the devil. And let me tell you, it was f*cking amazing. If you are unaware of the gravity of this major event, check out my article from a few weeks ago where I go into detail about how drunk eating is ruining my life.

Yes, I know that I'm a little dramatic.

But let me just say this. As I was sitting at the bar last night (not that drunk, might I add), all I could think about was how great a chicken quesadilla slathered in hot sauce would taste in my mouth. Like, I wasn't thinking about how hot the guys at the bar were or what song was playing currently. I was thinking about food. Because honestly, that's just the girl I am. I was just sitting there, watching all the thotties flirt with the Brads and Chads of the bar, thinking about sitting on my ass at home watching TV, eating Taco Bell.

Can anyone else relate?

As I was thinking about this, I turned to my friend Taylor and confessed. We are both on the same spring break fitness journey, trying to eat healthy and be really good for two months until we have to flaunt our bods in Key West. I expected her to scold me or tell me I didn't need it, but she just nodded and said, "Let's finish these drinks and go."

I've never been so happy.

We briskly walked from the bar to Taco Bell (why is it 30 degrees in Gainesville right now?) so we definitely got some exercise on the way there. Or at least that's what I tell myself (and what the rings on my new Apple watch tell me!). I won't divulge into the details but I will just say that the feeling of eating that quesadilla after not having one in months was truly breathtaking. Like, it was a special moment between me and my quesadilla.

I'm only kind of kidding.

Anyways, my whole point to make after going on a tangent for an entire article is that life is all about balance. I worked out a lot this week and I've been eating well lately (which is so hard for someone who could eat pizza for every meal) so if I have Taco Bell once in a while, that's OK. I'm not going to feel guilty either because one time my aunt told me that her nutritionist told her that if you have a cheat meal, enjoy it. The body feels guilt and if you feel guilty for eating badly, it's worse for your body than if you just enjoy the food you're eating in the moment. Well, it was something like that. 2019 mood: have balance and life live guilt-free.