The Drum Majors Of The Oregon State University Marching Band

The Drum Majors Of The Oregon State University Marching Band

Leading "The Spirit and Sound of OSU"

The Oregon State University Marching Band, OSUMB, had their first performance, after just three days of band camp, where the 280 member band performed the entire pregame show and a shortened half-time show.

The job of the drum majors -- Ken, Sage, and Sarah -- is to conduct to keep the band in time. This includes in the stands, pep rallies, tailgating, and on the field during performances. It is not an easy job. There are screaming fans, footballs flying at you in every direction, and 280 people all looking at you for guidance. You have to know what songs to play and when, and the drum Majors have been working very hard at it.

On top of their important role on game days and rehearsals, they do a lot of work behind the scenes. They take care of everyone in the band, they plan and organize for events and other needs that take place during the season, and they are the first ones there and the last ones to leave for rehearsals and game days. They put others before themselves, and they are strong leaders for the OSUMB.

"They really embody the whole idea of servant leadership, which is what I stress to all my student leaders. They are just really great people that truly love their peers and this band," says Dr. Dana Biggs, the Associate Director of Bands and the Director of Athletic Bands at Oregon State University.

Ken, Sage, and Sarah are a lot to fun to be around. They make rehearsals and game days enjoyable, and put in a lot of time and effort to make the OSUMB the best it can be.

Meet the Drum Majors!

Ken Anderson

Name you go by: Ken Anderson III.

Hometown: Corvallis, OR.

Major/minor: Electrical and computer engineering.

Year: Four.

Why did you choose your major: It fit my interest and looked to be a promising field.

Year in the band: Four.

Instrument(s) played: Trombone.

What you are most looking forward to this season: I am looking forward to meeting new people and conducting in front of 40,000 people.

Personal goals for this season: I want to improve in conducting, meet every single person in band, and improve as a person.

Goals for the band as a whole: I hope to become a family, have high enthusiasm, and have excellent performances.

Personal hobbies: Knights of Columbus (a Catholic men's fraternal organization), hiking, camping, fishing, shooting, and other outdoors activities.

Fun fact: I love swords.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I hope to find a full-time job, settle in right after college, to stay put long term, pursue state offices within Knights of Columbus, be married, and have kids.

Mariah Sage Gustafson

Name you go by: Sage Gustafson.

Hometown: Albany, OR.

Major/Minor: Music Major, Pre-med option, Chemistry minor

Year: Four.

Why did you choose your major: Music has always been a huge part of my life. While I don't plan on going into music as a career, I cannot imagine ever being at a point in my life where I am not playing music.

Year in the band: Four.

Instrument(s) played: In OSUMB, the piccolo. For other ensembles, the flute, oboe, English horn, tenor sax, and piano.

What you are most looking forward to this season: Game day! I love the energy of performing on the field, and being surrounded by so many people that share a common enthusiasm for high quality performances, marching band, and football. It's impossible to have a bad time!

Personal goals for this season: Learn the name of every person in the marching band, and bring my best to every rehearsal!

Goals for the band as a whole: Always bring our game day attitude! Band is hard, it's not always comfortable, but it's way more fun if we can keep being the spirit and sound of OSU even during rehearsal.

Personal hobbies: Ballroom dance, skiing, any music thing I can get my hands on, and drawing.

Fun fact: I showed chickens all through high school, and I really like them. A lot. Especially on mugs. Actually, all farm animal mugs are pretty great.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Probably in medical school to be a surgeon, hopefully doing my residency abroad with a Doctors Without Borders program. Or if I'm not there, you can probably find me skiing and playing music somewhere!

Sarah Massey

Name you go by: Sarah Massey.

Hometown: Hillsboro, OR.

Major/Minor: Music education.

Year: Four.

Why did you choose your major: I grew up in a family of musicians and I have always loved being involved in anything and everything music related. I want to give that opportunity back to everyone.

Year in the band: Four.

Instrument(s) played: Mellophone/french horn.

What you are most looking forward to this season: Game day! I have always loved the atmosphere of game day and I am so pumped to experience it from a new perspective. This is going to be a great year!

Personal goals for this season: Find a way to become tall enough for the band to see me when conducting in the stands, sleep for more than five hours a night during band camp, and learn everyone's names! I'm already more than halfway there!

Goals for the band as a whole: Have fun! I want more than anything for the band members to enjoy their personal experiences in band and feel the love of Beaver Nation!

Personal hobbies: Soon to be hobby - getting swole with Brett. #SquadGoals

Fun fact: I have a twin sister who looks nothing like me! I love telling people about her because she’s pretty and I like her.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I want to be in a classroom! Preferably teaching middle school band and loving life. And continuing to get swole with Brett.

Thank you Ken, Sage, and Sarah! The OSUMB really appreciates all that you do!

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31 Reasons Why I Would NEVER Watch Season 2 Of '13 Reasons Why'

It does not effectively address mental illness, which is a major factor in suicide.

When I first started watching "13 Reasons Why" I was excited. I had struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts for a long time and thought this show would be bringing light to those issues. Instead, it triggered my feelings that I had suppressed.

With season two coming out soon, I have made up my mind that I am NEVER watching it, and here is why:

1. This show simplifies suicide as being a result of bullying, sexual assault, etc. when the issue is extremely more complex.

2. It does not effectively address mental illness, which is a major factor in suicide.

3. The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention has guidelines on how to portray suicides in TV shows and movies without causing more suicides.

"13 Reasons Why" disregarded those guidelines by graphically showing Hannah slitting her wrists.

4. It is triggering to those who have tried to commit suicide in the past or that struggle with mental illness.

5. It glorifies suicide.

6. It does not offer healthy coping solutions with trauma and bullying.

The only "solution" offered is suicide, which as mentioned above, is glorified by the show.

7. This show portrays Hannah as dramatic and attention-seeking, which creates the stereotype that people with suicidal thoughts are dramatic and seeking attention.

8. Hannah makes Clay and other people feel guilty for her death, which is inconsiderate and rude and NOT something most people who commit suicide would actually do.

9. This show treats suicide as revenge.

In reality, suicide is the feeling of hopelessness and depression, and it's a personal decision.

10. Hannah blames everyone but herself for her death, but suicide is a choice made by people who commit it.

Yes, sexual assault and bullying can be a factor in suicidal thoughts, but committing suicide is completely in the hands of the individual.

11. Skye justifies self-harm by saying, "It's what you do instead of killing yourself."

12. Hannah's school counselor disregards the clear signs of her being suicidal, which is against the law and not something any professional would do.

13. The show is not realistic.

14. To be honest, I didn't even enjoy the acting.

15. The characters are underdeveloped.

16. "13 Reasons Why" alludes that Clay's love could have saved Hannah, which is also unrealistic.

17. There are unnecessary plot lines that don't even advance the main plot.

18. No one in the show deals with their problems.

They all push them off onto other people (which, by the way, is NOT HEALTHY!!!).

19. There is not at any point in the show encouragement that life after high school is better.

20. I find the show offensive to not only me, but also to everyone who has struggled with suicidal thoughts.

21. The show is gory and violent, and I don't like that kind of thing.

22. By watching the show, you basically get a step-by-step guide on how to commit suicide.

Which, again, is against guidelines set by The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

23. The show offers no resources for those who have similar issues to Hannah.

24. It is not healthy for me or anyone else to watch "13 Reasons Why."

25. Not only does the show glorify suicide, but it also glorifies self-harm as an alternative to suicide.

26. Other characters don't help Hannah when she reaches out to them, which could discourage viewers from reaching out.

27. Hannah doesn't leave a tape for her parents, and even though the tapes were mostly bad, I still think the show's writers should have included a goodbye to her parents.

28. It simplifies suicide.

29. The show is tactless, in my opinion.

30. I feel like the show writers did not do any research on the topic of suicide or mental illness, and "13 Reasons Why" suffered because of lack of research.

31. I will not be watching season two mostly because I am bitter about the tastelessness.

And I do not want there to be enough views for them to make a season three and impact even more people in a negative way.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.
Cover Image Credit: Netflix

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Fiction On The Odyssey: Without Chaos

Without chaos, what remains?

Note: Silver Key recipient in the 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in Short Story

01. Chaos

Without chaos, what remains?

02. Lettuce

“I think that’s the lettuce your mother bought a month ago,” her father says after a long look into the refrigerator.

Through the gap between his legs, she catches sight of a football-sized, fuzzy and greyish-blue thing sitting in the bottomost drawer. She has no idea why it is there in the first place. Besides her mother, nobody in their family knows how to cook iceberg lettuce. Why would her mother buy it if she was planning to let it rot?

Her father answers her unspoken query. “She probably meant to cook it, but forgot. Get me a trash bag and a pair of gloves, will you?”

03. Flinches

She flinches as her mother yanks a comb through her hair.

As usual, her mother’s mind is clearly elsewhere.

04. Nondescript

The man with a foreign name is nondescript in every sense of the word. He’s of average stature, with brown hair of average length, carrying a black backpack of some random brand. Off looks alone, she finds it difficult to believe that this is the very man that her father raves about.

Upon the return of her father’s most recent trip to his motherland, in Asia, her father has taken to becoming a free advertiser for the man with the foreign name, claiming that this man was the equivalent of Jesus’s second reincarnation. Thanks to the man currently standing on the front porch of her home, her father’s greatest aspiration in life is to become a monk.

In mere days, it will no longer be just an aspiration.

She looks up, drinking in the foreign man’s absurdly average features. This is the man who is stealing her father.

If only she could remember his face.

05. Verdant

The sky was positively green the day her father left.

06. Glassy

Whenever she looks into her mother’s eyes, they’re always glassy.

07. Supply

The fridge is empty. So is the pantry.

08. Almost

It’s almost comical how quickly she went from having everything to having almost nothing. Just two years ago, she had loving parents, friends and a safe place. She used to have a home. Her biggest worry used to be whether or not she would like her dinner.

Now, she wonders if she’ll be getting one at all.

09. Steadfast

Every time he looks at her, his eyes speak of steadfast loyalty.

One time, she almost believed them.

She punched him that day.

10. Soup

Her mother has always loved soup. With every meal, her mother would always ensure that there was a bowl of something hearty. Her mother used to claim that she didn’t have a favorite soup, and that she loved all soups, gumbos, chowders, stews and broths equally.

Whenever her mother said that, she would always look at her father and smirk, for they all knew that her mother was lying. Serving tomato soup at least nine times a week, with a perpetual supply in the fridge, tomato soup was an undisputed favorite of her mother’s.

The school’s version of tomato soup tastes like watered-down ketchup, but she can’t help but savor it.

11. Comfortable

She thinks, with a twinge of self-pity, of how comfortable her life could have been.

If only she hadn’t been such a brat.

12. Copy

It was too easy.

For once, the boy with the steadfast gaze was looking away. Everyone else was looking away, too, watching attentively as the teacher ranted about their poor performance on their last test, his disappointment in them, and how, to prevent half the class from failing the semester, he was going to assign a massive, 200-point project.

Or something.

The boy with the steadfast gaze continued to rummage through his bag, oblivious to the fact that she was eyeing his completed assignment. The sheet of paper faced the ceiling, sitting on the very edge of his desk, almost like it was inviting her to come and take a grab—

So, she did.

She stuffed it into her bag faster than anyone could blink, and returned her gaze to the front of the room.

13. Potatoes

In her shared apartment with her mother, she arrives to what seems like a local grocer’s entire supply of potatoes and possibly the world’s largest stockpot.

14. After

“Meet me after class,” the teacher had said to her the second she entered the classroom.

The boy with the eyes that speak of steadfast loyalty stares at her as she sits, his eyes a little too wide.

15. Bucket

Every so often, she wonders what it would feel like to kick the bucket.

16. Trade

“Your salad for some tomato soup?” he asks, unscrewing his thermos lid.

She looks up, then frowns.

She doesn’t know why he’s talking to her, especially after that stunt she just pulled. After the bell had rung, after the rest of their classmates had vacated the room, she became a blubbering mess. She claimed that the teacher was terribly mistaken. She claimed that the boy with the steadfast gaze had copied her.

It had earned him three days of in-school suspension. There was no doubt that his mother, the perfect woman that packed him homemade crustless sandwiches and warm tomato soup in thermoses, would be furious.

The word slips out of her mouth before she can stop it. “Why?”

“I don't know,” he replies.

It’s the best soup she’s ever tasted.

17. Pedal

The bike pedal falls off, mid stride, catching her off guard. It’s only after her tightly coiled body slams into a stop sign that she’s able to process what just happened.

She gets up in time to watch the bike frame collide with a car.

Anger surges unexpectedly within her like an unwelcome guest. That bike had been her primary form of transportation. She could’ve fixed that pedal. That bike would’ve been salvageable.

But, just as suddenly, the anger dissipates.

With its departure, an underlying sense of overwhelming loss is revealed.

18. Divide

The policeman’s glares are divided equally between the car owner and herself.

19. Mark

“That’s not the right one,” she says. Her gaze is unreadable as she watches a policeman approach the door of yet another apartment. “I don’t know where mine is.”

The police are exhausted and exasperated, but they try again.

“Honey,” a female officer says in a tone of barely disguised annoyance, “Try and remember, will you?”

She knows her mother hasn’t paid the bill in three months. She knows about their eviction notice. She knows that when they get evicted, her mother will be sent to jail and she’ll be sent to live in an community home.

“I can’t.”

I can’t let that happen.

Later that night, her nails curl into fists so tight that they leave a mark as the police pound on the front door of the apartment of her residence. She prays, will all her might, that no one will notice the red, half-moon wedges imprinted onto her palms.

They don’t.

20. Ducks

Ducks are adaptable beings. They can swim, fly, and walk. They’re aggressive enough to keep unwanted attention at bay, but cuddly enough to love.

She could afford to learn a thing or two from a duck.

21. Trapping

Her jacket does not do a good job of trapping body heat. She’s desperately cold and thoroughly disappointed—she expected more from Calvin Klein.

22. Detail

The boy with the steadfast gaze pays too much attention to detail.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep last night?”

She looks away. Regardless of what comes out of her mouth, she knows he’ll see right through her.

23. Stew

Her mother stirs a massive potato stew.

She chooses not to ask.

24. Filthy

“Hey, you!”

She looks up and comes face to face with someone unrecognizable.

Not that that’s surprising. She hasn’t made any effort to get to know anyone in this horrible city. Only a few are recognizable to her, and even then, she doesn’t know any names. She refuses to learn anyone’s names. This isn’t her home, so she refuses to make herself at home.

He leans in, wrinkles his nose a bit, then leans in a bit more. “When was the last time you showered?”

A week. Almost two.

“We were talking about it and—can you do us a favor and take a shower? You smell filthy,” he whispers apologetically.

I’m aware. I’m sorry. The landlord cut our water.

She says nothing.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash / George Gvasalia

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