Inside Advice For Working Drive-Thru
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Inside Advice For Working Drive-Thru

They shouldn't be that stressful.

Inside Advice For Working Drive-Thru
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I'm sure we can all agree, whether you've worked in one or not, that working in a drive-thru is hard. From the moment you hear the headset go off to the moment that car drives off can be chaotic and stressful. It's stressful enough without someone in the drive-thru forgetting how a drive-thru works. I just started a new job working in a drive-thru, and I have come across a lot of people who seem to forget how a drive-thru works.

Know your order. In order for the drive-thru to run smoothly, you have to know what you want in advanced. I can't play twenty questions with you over the speaker when I have people to serve inside as well. Even if you don't quite know, you should be able to make a quick decision. If you really can't decide on what you want, you should just come into the building so the drive-thru can keep moving

Use the speaker to place your order so I can have it ready for you when you pull up. I'm not sure if some people are just in too much of a rush or what, but in order for me to know you are there, you have to place your order in the speaker attached to the giant menu before the window. If you pull up to the window before ordering I will have no idea you are there and you will be waiting a while before I see you.

Keep your order small. You shouldn't be ordering everything off the menu in the drive-thru. The drive-thru is supposed to be for quick, on the go ordering. If it takes me 20 minutes to make your order because you ordered 5 different coffees all made specific ways, I'm going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It also slows down the drive-thru, which makes everyone behind you mad. I know I'm never happy when I go through a drive-thru and it takes forever for me to get up to the window. Come in and order, it will be easier for everyone.

Pull close to the window. I understand driving up to a window can be a little tricky, but you shouldn’t be so far away that I have to physically come out of the window to give you what you ordered. If I have to stretch, fine, but my whole body needs to stay in the window. I promise I won’t bite you.

Speak up. Listening to someone talk to a speaker can be difficult, but it's even harder to hear you if you don't speak up. If I ask you to repeat yourself, make sure you speak a little bit louder. Also, make sure you don't speak too fast, I am trying to write down what you are saying and I can't get your order right if you talk a mile a minute. Face the speaker, and speak clearly. I know, personally, I get nervous ordering in a drive-thru. Take a deep breath, and focus on what you are saying.

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