What Happens When You Drink 100 Ounces Of Water A Day
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I Started Drinking 100 Ounces Of Water Every Day And Here's What Changed, Other Than Peeing A Lot

It sounds like a lot of water because it is.

I Started Drinking 100 Ounces Of Water Every Day And Here's What Changed, Other Than Peeing A Lot

Right now I'm going to assume you're possibly thinking something along the lines of:

"OK, Liz. This better not be an article of you preaching to me about how important drinking water is and how it's immensely changed your life."

If you are thinking that, you're in luck because it didn't. I haven't lost a whole bunch of weight suddenly, and neither my depression nor my acne disappeared.

What I have had is to pee more times a day then I would prefer, too.

Honestly, it's really only helped a little bit. It hasn't been some miracle cure for me, right now because I'm not changing other aspects of my diet. I'm still addicted to carbs and may or may not be able to eat an entire bag of pizza rolls in a day.

But, sometimes a little bit is all you need though. A kick-starter, or a stepping stone to help you begin to figure it all out. Drinking a bunch of water every day, whether you physically see results or not, is a good habit to get into. When you do, you'll notice the healthy habit seep into other parts of your daily routine.

For example, I stopped snoozing my alarm clock. Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person - despite my attempts to be one. I always found it extremely hard to get out of bed, especially on the cold, dark winter mornings. Now, I would like to note that I'm not suddenly jumping out of bed ready to tackle the day, but I will say that it's much easier to fight the extremely tempting offer to crawl back in bed and sleep the morning away (but, I do still need like my morning caffeine dose).

Another thing I noticed was that I am more organized now than I ever have been before. My planner is staying updated, it's easier for me to remember tasks (I still write everything down though, because journaling is super important for mental health). My schoolwork is neater and more presentable. It's easier for me to focus in class when the teacher is droning, I don't get sidetracked by Facebook or Twitter as much as I used to.

Also, while my acne is not gone, my skin is clearer. For a while, I actually stopped washing my skin and my skin cleared up, it looked really good. In reality, my skin was finally given the opportunity to regenerate and heal because I had been using the wrong products for my skin type. Then the acne came back because of hormonal imbalances and the lack of care. I now use a gentle cleanser and a spray toner with moisturizer, and I invested in a microdermabrasion roller that I use every other day. This, in combination with drinking a lot of water every day, has helped my skin almost as much as allowing it some time to regenerate.

Overall, drinking 100 ounces of water every day has helped me in all the little areas of my life that I had been struggling with. Waking up on time is easier, my organization and focus levels are higher, my skin is healthier. I also feel overall just feel much better about each of my days.

I wouldn't necessarily call water a miracle cure for getting my sh*t together. If you want that, you have to include other aspects like energy or time, and I certainly don't have either of those, but maybe you do.

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