You Should Journal On A Regular Basis

You Should Journal On A Regular Basis

It seriously helps.


Journaling is something that took me a very long time to get used to and to become comfortable with. It took me a lot of tries and to figure out what worked for me and how I wanted to go about it. It took going through dozens of different notebooks and reading so many different articles to figure out what I should be writing about or what I wanted to be writing about. Until I realized that there isn't a "correct way" to keep a journal, because it doesn't even have to make any sense. Journaling is just supposed to allow you to put your incoherent thoughts into a visual platform, so you can maybe try to make sense of the day's events.

In my last article, "This New Year, Please STOP Doing These 9 Things To Yourself" I mentioned that the average person has about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. My jaw dropped to the floor when I found that out. I already knew that I had an overactive mind, with fleeting thoughts day in and day out, but I never really was able to visualize it or realize how much it really affected me.

This is what motivated me to start journaling and keeping a planner, especially for school assignments and deadlines. It took me a few tries, and it's something that I'm slowly, but surely, figuring out.

It's also why I believe that you should start journaling if you don't already.

You see, when you continue to think about something over and over again, it tires out your brain. It's why research suggests no matter how good your memory is, you should write down everything. It clears out your thoughts and makes your mind stronger and healthier.

Writing down your thoughts, affirmations or even just incoherent words will help you sort out all the chaos that is happening behind the scenes - the stuff we don't really even realize we think about regularly. It will also allow you to have peace within your mind because you will be able to look back on the previous days and think: "Hey, that was a problematic thought or action, but I sorted it out. I dealt with it so I have no reason to be worrying about it."

You deserve to be at peace with yourself.

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8 Things The Girls Who Grew Up Around Cars Know And Love

I'm not just a dumb girl who pretends to know things about cars, I actually know things about cars.


Every man in my life has loved cars and taught me what I know today. My father has been a mechanic probably since he was born, and my current boyfriend loves cars and works as a mechanic also. There has not been a time in my life where I went without knowing or learning something new about cars. I learned how to do my first oil change when I was probably ten or eleven and these past two summers I have been around while my boyfriend has rebuilt an entire car. I don't think I will ever get bored of it.

1. You, for some odd reason, can tell what car is driving by just because you heard it 

I have been able to guess correctly almost every car that has driven past me just by the sound of it. It gets funnier when I can tell you exactly whose car it is. There comes a time where you learn every cars sound in your neighborhood and can confidently say, "Oh Laura is leaving for work."

2. Hanging out while people are working on cars never gets boring 

The willingness to learn everything about the cars your friends are working on is endless. You want to know everything because having that knowledge seems useful to you. It is also really cool to see the different things all of your friends do with their cars. Literally, no two cars are the same.

3. You get excited about stupid things that nobody understands 

I remember when my boyfriend got gaskets in the mail for a car he has been working on for years and I cannot explain the excitement I felt when he said they arrived. I remember getting so excited when that same car started for the first time. There are so many little things that mean so much to someone who likes cars.

4. Friends always come to you when something is wrong with their car 

I can't fix it, but I can surely tell you what I think is wrong. I had a roommate last year and her car was making this awful noise and I told her that it was a probably a belt that had gone bad and later that day she called me from a shop and said that I was completely right.

5. Dad's love you 

Not many girls can keep up a conversation about cars but I know I sure can and dads LOVE it. They will talk my ear off because their daughters don't care and I know exactly what questions to ask. They also love me because they know I will watch out for their kids' cars.

6. You actually enjoy reading news about cars 

I can't tell you how much pointless news I know about cars just because I like to check up on things that are being released and I also like reading reviews.

7. You have that one dream car that everyone thinks is obnoxious 

I cannot tell you how many times I have bookmarked a car that I have wanted. I have always dreamed of getting and building my own car one day and hopefully being able to race it!

8. You don't know everything, but you want to 

I could tell you exactly how much boost my boyfriend's Saab can produce but honestly, I can't tell you what a radiator looks like. There are some things I have learned and so many things I still have to learn.

The most exciting things about cars is that they are always changing and you never know what is going to come with the next one that comes out.

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