From the moment I started packing for college, I had to ask myself the question: how much of which clothes do I pack? Will I need my nice pants? Or will I consistently be repping leggings and a sweatshirt?

I can safely say that I'm glad I brought both. Obviously, it depends on how you spend your school days, but I have found great use for and have come to appreciate both the down days of sweatpants and t-shirts, and the days I decide to put on my nice sweaters.

Only being on campus for about a month now, I can already say I've pretty much seen it all. I've seen people leave their rooms in flannel pajama pants and moccasins, and others leaving class dressed in a fancy skirt and heels. Some wear all black, others all bright pink. The simple truth is, it doesn't matter. Believe it or not, people have bigger things to worry about than what the person they just walked past in the library is wearing.

What I've also noticed, though, is that this lack of judgement from the people around me has made me want to try out other kinds of outfits, other combinations of clothes, that I would not have tried out in high school. Sometimes, I'll go for a bolder choice of jacket, or my favorite pair of mustard yellow Nike's, or do my hair in a completely different way. Sometimes I'll leave my dorm with no makeup, other days with a fully done face. It really doesn't matter, and I've been enjoying the liberation from the judgement of highschoolers.

I've found myself often wearing jeans and some striped tee and my vans, and now we're getting to the time of year when sweaters are making their seasonal debut (hallelujah). Occasionally, I'll give myself a break and wear my joggers to class, but I usually stick with a consistent style that makes me comfortable and confident. Recently, I've been throwing headbands into the mix. I know, crazy. But I'm sampling with my style, and it's been fun!

The moral of the story is: Wear what you want, and what makes you feel like the most comfortable, most confident version of yourself. No one's gonna stop you.