Get That Dream Booty You've Always Wanted!
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Get That Dream Booty You've Always Wanted!

What Glute Exercise is Really The Most Beneficial?

Get That Dream Booty You've Always Wanted!
Jeff Porter

“OMG Becky, look at her butt!”

“There is no way that’s real”

“She got dat CAKE!”

I think it’s safe to say that we have either thought these things about someone’s butt or heard someone say it...come on, you know I’m talking to you! We see girls all over social media with the dream butt and wish we knew their secrets on how they got their butt to grow like that. Well….I really made it a priority during this off season to find what works, and I think I got it down. But, I won’t keep it a secret! Here’s the things you can do and need to know in order to strut off that dream booty you have always wanted:

  1. EAT! This is the hard part for some of you girls...I had a hard time with it before, too! No girl that I know wants to eat more and gain weight or put on more size. It’s so hard to do that! Now, I’m not saying you need to eat the entire kitchen every day and every night (although some nights I feel like I could do that). But, you need to increase your caloric intake and stay consistent! More food = More Gainz. You can’t be eating almost near nothing and expect to build the big booty of your dreams...FAT and MUSCLE...that’s what our glutes are! Finding the right balance between the two will get you the best results!
  2. Finding a KICK A** (literally) Training Program. Over the years, I’ve come across some of the best glute exercises that leave me waddling around for days after! How much is enough? For me, I have been training glutes 4-5 times a week (geez that all you do?) Now, I don’t dedicate all of these days to just that area, but I do include at least a few exercises in addition to what ever I am doing that day to target my lower half!
  3. Squats or Hip Thrusts?! Everyone says do your squats to make the boys cry. Yes, this lift is very beneficial and the boys will cry, but there is better! Recent studies have actually shown that Glute/Hip Thrusts are more beneficial to activate your glutes and hamstrings. By putting more of a focus on that one area, instead of your entire body for squats, results in growing that booty will increase DRAMATICALLY! Remember, it will take time to increase your weight on these, but that is why practice makes perfect!

Watch my video above to get a base booty routine down and look below to see those and many more that were not included:

  • 3x10 Single Leg Straight Leg Pulls (in video)
  • 3x10 Cable Kickbacks (in video)
  • 4x20 Pulse Lunges (in video)
  • Hip Thrusts- work your way up in weight! I like working up to 5 rep maxes (in video)
  • 5x20 High and Wide Leg Press
  • 5x20 Reverse Lunge on Smith Machine
  • 4x20 High Box Step Ups - Use dumbbells if needed
  • 5x5 Sumo Deadlifts

When you think about improving a particular body part, most people just assume training has everything to do with it! WRONG! Nutrition is KEY! Trust me when I say this (because I’ve been there)...You HAVE to eat more in order to get the “bigger” booty effect! Try these out and let me know what you think!

Train hard, eat more, and have FUN!

For more workouts and fitness related information, follow me on IG! @_fitness_1st_
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