Going to a small school is quite amazing. You can meet friends fast, you have small class sizes and you can really get to know the faculty. But it also is quite daunting...

I. Everyone knows everything about everyone

You may think that Joe from five doors down has no idea you just had a crying sesh with your roomie or that Becca does not know that you stayed at Ben's dorm last night, but trust me they do. Everyone knows everyone and obviously, they all know your business.

II. You'll see everyone at the worst moments 

You'll wake up 10 minutes before your next class, throw on sweats and an oversized T-shirt — probably forgetting a bra — and run to your class. But when you walk out is when you'll see that hot boy you've been talking to, the captain of the baseball team, the boy you've been crushing on since move-in day and the boy that has not stopped hitting your line — all but while looking like a homeless person.

III. You'll see your whole English class at the next football game

With such a small school, everyone who's anyone will be at the home football games. And you will see everyone you do not want too. You might have last nights makeup on or that football player who you've been seeing sweatshirt on, and they will drag you next time in class.

IV. You hear about everyone's drama

"Did you hear that so and so moved out," "did you hear that Becky got transported last night" or "did you hear that Tony got kicked out of school?"

With only 4,000 undergrad students, you will know everyone's roommate, teammate and floormate drama... whether you like it or not.

V. You'll run into that hot boy in the dining hall 

Forget running into him, you'll stand next to him in the burger line, grab the same cup when trying to grab a drink and face each other when you sit down at separate tables. And with every bite, you guys will lock eyes. It will be the most awkward moment of your life.

VI. Everyone will be sick all at the same time

Now, this is inevitable at a small school AND a big school. Living at college is just an open invitation for all the germs to gather and make you the sickest you've ever been. Before college, I had strep once in my life... spring semester alone I had it five plus times.

It's just how college works.

VII. There will be a group of kids you travel with to each class 

Because your class size is around 20 kids maximum and your major programs are quite small, you'll know at least three kids you share most of your classes with and you will travel with them like a herd.

Like they say "birds of a feather, flock together"

VIII. At least one other kid in high school goes to your school 

Going to a small school, you probably thought that you were going to get away from the craziness that came along with your high school. Wrong!

Having D3 football at your school means that at least two football players were "recruited" and you will be with them for another four years.