Double Standards

Double Standards

We have One Short Life on This Planet and it Shouldn't be Wasted Telling This Person and That Person What They Can't do.


The society we live in today is constantly demanding perfection from men and women, and the pressure has only gotten worse. Women and men have always been held up to high and sometimes unobtainable standards by the world. The impact of it all begins, sadly, at a young age.

Young girls are impressionable and learn quickly what society wants from them. The advertisement industry has corrupted generation after generation of women convincing them to live a certain way of life. Women must keep things clean and organized, be beautiful, have children, get married and be able to cook. These expectations lead many into unhappy or unfavorable life styles. A female having confidence outside of these walls is seen as taboo, and therefore has negative response from society.(Perhaps "and is shunned by most of society")

Young males are also deeply impressed with ideas that they are the "stronger gender" and should act accordingly. They are also held up to standards enforced by society such as being handy, being strong, bringing home the money, having a great job, and supporting a family. If a man even shows signs of being emotionally vulnerable, they are instantly put in an unfavorable group. (awkward sentence)

Why is it so wrong for things to be different? Why are men and women treated differently for the same actions? Who said that everyone had to stay in their lane?

In 2016 we are experiencing more and more people leaving their comfort zones. This more importantly includes women. Sorry guys. Women are taught to stay covered and hidden from the world while men are praised for their chiseled abs and great body. Why is it when the tables are turned girls are looked at as gross, slutty or attention seeking? Body image is a part of this on going problem.

A man can be a stay at home father and cook dinners for his family just as much as a woman can bring home the money. Jobs and life positions aren't gender specific. If a young girl wants to be a mechanic and work on cars then they should be supported without question. If a young man wants to be a wedding planner then support their dreams too.

Do not tell a young girl she can't be a mechanic because it's a "guy thing". Do not tell a young boy he can't be a hair stylist because it's a "girl thing". If they show interest in something support them with all your heart. We have one short life on this planet and it shouldn't be wasted telling this person and that person that they can't do certain things because of their gender. In the long run the most important thing to remember is YOU need to be happy with yourself and not let society tell you.

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