Double Homicide Vs. Abortion

Double Homicide Vs. Abortion

And why there is a legal and illegal way to kill an unborn baby.

Person: Kaylee Gates

Now I'm not trying to shove my beliefs down your throat; however, I am going to be honest/upfront and admit that I don't believe in abortion. No matter what circumstances you're put in, I believe there are other options.

Recently, something came to my attention that made me think hard about the topic of abortion.

Why is abortion not considered murder when killing a pregnant woman is considered a double homicide.

Now, a double homicide is when two people are killed by a different person or group. Therefore, murdering a pregnant woman can be classified as a double homicide because someone else is ending the life of a mother and a child.

But lets talk about this, a mother and a child are two DIFFERENT people. Yes, the mother carries the unborn child within her for nine months. Yes, they share nutrients and blood through an umbilical cord. However, two beating hearts, two brains, two bodies, and two different lives.

A double homicide is the murder of TWO people. In that case, why is a fetus labled as a human if it is not considered a human when referring to an abortion. Abortions are legal until the twentieth week of pregnancy. You have five months of pregnancy to get an abortion, and then sometimes special circumstances can get you a late term abortion.

So what is the difference between a murderer killing a baby and its mother and a mother killing her baby? Why is one considered legal and one considered illegal?

In a double homicide of a mother and fetus, neither have a choice when it comes to ending a life. When it comes to abortions, we can thank the 1973 Supreme Court Case Roe vs. Wade. This court case, outlies the constitutional rights of women to decide if they can give birth or not as long as the fetus is not yet viable. According to federal laws, women have the right to choose what they want to do with their body. This is why abortion is legal and explains why killing a pregnant woman is considered double homicide.

Whether or not you believe in abortion, you now know the difference between the two. Although if it were up to me, looking at my sweet baby nephew's face, i would make both illegal.

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