Do's & Don'ts of College
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24 Dos & Don'ts of college life

23. Don't: Drop out

24. Do: Graduate

24 Dos & Don'ts of college life

College will be a hard four years of your life. You'll figure out most tips on your own and through experience. Hopefully these can help make college a tad bit easier.

1. Don't: Skip class

Let's see which one will go down the drain first, your GPA or self-motivation.

2. Do: Attend class

Just go to class, you signed up for these classes. Best way to learn is to attend class, no if, and, or buts.

3. Don't: Eat 20 snacks a day

THE FRESHMAN 15 IS REAL. I don't care if you have been the same weight since you were 12, it can still happen to you. In college, you will eat and snack every time you are bored.


Take a walk around campus, go to a workout class, or even join an intramural sports team. Exercise can be fun on a college campus.

5. Don't: Hide away in your dorm

This is not the time to stay in your dorm all day watching reruns of your favorite Netflix show.

6. Do: Meet people

Netflix can wait. Go out and meet people. Friends are the only way to make college your true home-away from home. Join organizations, rush, club sports.

7. Don't: Go home every weekend

I understand college is hard to be away from family, but you will never be able to grow into your own self if you go home every weekend. Ease your way into being able to take care of yourself.

8. Do: Pay visits to home ever so often

There's nothing better than going back to your own bed after weeks of hard work. The best part, a room to yourself and home cooked meals.

9. Don't: Be afraid to ask professors questions

They will not bite your head off if you ask a question during class.

10. Do: Use office hours

Every professor has office hours in place weekly. This is perfect time to answer any questions you have or help you on problems you need extra help on. USE OFFICE HOURS, THEY HELP TREMENDOUSLY.

11. Don't: Get your stomach pumped

This rule only applies to those of age of course.

12. Do: Drink responsibly

It's college, have fun but be smart.

13. Do: Study

Believe it or not, the point of college is to learn.

14. Don't: 'Wing' your tests

You might have been able to wing tests in high school, but this will not fly in college. Open your textbooks and read.

15. Don't: Get lost on your first day of class

Easiest way to spot a freshman.

16. Do: Find out where your classes are before your first day

You will wish you had done this when you sit down for your Algebra class and realize you are in the Spanish building. Leaving a class after realizing it is the wrong one is the classroom walk of shame.

17. Don't: Play it safe

This is college. A time for adventure and branching out.

18. Do: Step out of your comfort zone

Join an organization that is out of your comfort zone. My organization was joining The Odyssey. I have never been a writer and now I am grateful I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new.

19. Don't: Buy your textbooks new

Biggest rip off in college.

20. Do: Buy second hand used textbooks

Your wallets will thank you for this one.

21. Don't: Stick to a major your parents picked for you

Your parents should not decide how YOU should spend the rest of your life. Major in something that you could see yourself going to work everyday doing.

22. Do: Explore many majors

College has so many majors that you may have only heard of half of them. Take advantage of your on campus career center. These people can help you find the major that fits your personality and interests.

23. Don't: Drop out

Speaks for itself.

24. Do: Graduate

The ultimate goal of college. You can do it.

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