Dormitory vs. Sorority House

The Pros And Cons Of Living In The Dorms VS. Living In A Sorority House

Living with your sisters is life changing.


After my freshman year of college, I was faced with the decision of living in the dorms for another year or living in my sorority house. I wasn't completely sure of what good or bad could come from the sorority house, but I was already familiar with the life of a dorm dweller. The idea of doing something a little less familiar was definitely a little more nervewracking, but I also knew it would be a great opportunity, so I officially decided on the sorority house. So far, I've only lived in it for a short amount of time, but since I moved in I've learned a lot about the living situation, so I'm hoping that by sharing my knowledge on the matter, I can help the rest of the sorority sisters out there decide on their living situation.

First are the pros and cons of living in a sorority house.

Pro: Living in a sorority is cheaper

In most cases, it costs less to live in the sorority while paying sorority member dues than to pay those dues and live somewhere else, so it's much more cost efficient.

Con: Living in can be crowded

You will be sharing a house with a large number of other girls, sometimes adding up to over 60. This can cause the house to feel rather crowded and can make certain everyday tasks more difficult to accomplish.

Pro: It's more social

It's a much more social atmosphere. If you ever feel alone, sad, or just want to talk, you can walk to the dayroom next door and your sisters will most often happily talk to and support you.

Con: It can be difficult to accomplish certain tasks

Referring back to the previous con, tasks such as laundry, showering, and even brushing your teeth can become more difficult. Once the school year starts, the washers and dryers start filling up and you have to try to find a decent time to do laundry when others aren't, there are only so many showers in the house, so you have to wait your turn to take a shower, and depending on the day and time, sometimes the bathroom sinks get quite crowded.

Pro: It's easier to attend events

It's much easier to attend events. Personally, when I lived in the dorms, I was much too lazy to walk up a hill for 15 minutes to attend a sisterhood, but when I began living in the house, I could just walk down the stairs.

Con: It can be loud at night

Because sororities are on the greek row, there are loud, drunk people often passing by the house at night. This happens mostly on weekends thankfully.

Pro: Food's not a problem

You don't have to worry about making your own food unless you want to. Sororities have personal chefs who make their meals, which often turn out being absolutely delicious. So instead of having pizza, a cup of noodle, or microwavable mac and cheese every night, I would actually eat a decent, healthy meal.

Con: Items may accidentally get lost

Multiple people live in close quarters, so others may accidentally borrow or steal your stuff thinking it's theirs, or your stuff may get buried in other people's belongings.

Pro: Dedicated study areas

Many sororities have areas dedicated to studying and school work. This can result in not only an encouragement to study, but also if you want to go to a quiet area with fewer distractions, you wouldn't even have to leave the house. This turns out being really nice in the middle of winter when you don't want to go outside because you feel that you will freeze.

Con: No pets

You can't have pets due to possible allergies, so if you want to have a pet anytime soon or already have a pet than this may not be the best option for you. Some sorority houses do have house pets though.

Pro: It may be closer to the center/main part of campus

You may be closer to campus/classes than some dorms and apartments. This may not be too big of a deal if you have a car unless you want to save gas money, but for those without a car, it makes their lives so much easier so they don't have to get up a half hour earlier than usual just to give themselves time to walk to class. It also can cause people to be willing to study in more efficient areas such as the library due to being closer.

Con: No boys

You can't have men/boys in the house. They may be able to be downstairs away from the day rooms for a short bit of time, but because multiple girls live in the house, there are multiple precautions when it comes to the opposite sex.

Pro: It's more homey

It's much homier than a dormitory. You walk out into the hallway in a sorority house and you will be welcomed with warm greetings. Also, not every room is the same, causing some variety and making it seem more like a normal house than just somewhere for college students to live.

Con: Rules

If you break any major rules, it will have a negative effect on the sorority as well as yourself. This applies to people who don't live in as well, but there are more rules for those who do live in, as well as some of them may be more enforced.

Pro: They are cleaner

Sorority houses are cleaned often, leading to them being cleaner than dorms. Dorms are still cleaned, but not as often as a sorority is.

Then, there are the pros and cons of dorms.

Con: Fire alarms

If the fire alarm goes off while you are on a higher up floor such as the 12th floor, you would have to walk down 12 floors and out of the building.

Pro: On campus

Dormitories are always built very close to campus, if not on campus in order for the students to have a more practical distance between where they live and where their classes are.

Con: You can easily lose items and never get them back

It can be harder to locate items you lose in dorms because if someone found it, they most likely don't know you and therefore wouldn't be able to give it back to you.

Pro: Grouping together

Most times they group people together with similar age and interests so you won't have many conflicts as roommates such as heat or messiness.

Cons: Don't have many ways for you to get to know your fellow floormates

Dorms don't often have ways to get people together to meet each other, you just have to go up to them eventually in the hallway or maybe meet them in class.

Pro: You get a choice in what gender you'd rather live with.

You can live in an all of one gender dorm or a co-ed dorm.

Con: Maintenance takes a while

Dorms tend to take longer to fix cosmetic (i.e. holes in the wall, chipped paint) problems.

Pro: Ideal dining hall location

They are often close to dining halls or something of that sort so you can easily pick up food on the way to or from classes.

Con: Dorm room location

Dorm rooms aren't determined by certain aspects, but by more of the luck of the draw.

Pro: Diverse Personalities

You get to experience more diverse personalities due to possibly living with different genders as well as many other aspects.

Con: Quiet hours

Dorms tend to be more strict about quiet hours. This could be considered a pro for those of you who prefer silence, but if you like being able to have friends over and not have to worry about how loud you're being it might be difficult.

Pro: Personal rooms

You can request rooms for yourself. Yes, it may cost more, but if you have a hard time sharing a small area with another person it does provide you with that option.

Con: Cleanliness

Dorms aren't known to be overly clean. It's not like they are uninhabitable or anything, but there are cleaner situations. Especially when it comes down to the bathrooms and shower rooms.

In the end, both dorms and sorority houses have a variety of pros and cons. One may appeal to you while it doesn't to someone else or vice versa. Personally, I have enjoyed living in a sorority house much more than a dorm, although I have plenty of good memories in both. I'm sure there are more pros and cons in each category, but for the time being, I hope this article is able to reach anybody who may be struggling with such a decision like I had.

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NOTE: limes can be substituted for other in-season citrus fruits.

There’s a reason the Vodka-Water-Lime is the number one drink at The Strip every week. The facts are there; it’s not fake news. Vodka-Water-Lime should be your new drink. It’s not just something you adopt in college or for a few nights out, it’s a lifestyle. The Vodka-Water-Lime is classy and sophisticated, it is a drink that you can order somewhere fancy like a restaurant or a Carnival cruise ship, or even on your wedding night.

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Hating On Greek Life Isn't A Personality Trait, Get Over Yourself

Congratulations, you don't like Greek what?


I was doing my usual scrolling through Twitter recently, and I found a tweet that seemed to be making fun of a set of photos. In hopes of discovering some classic Twitter humor, I decided to engage further. The tweet referenced a photo series that a group of sorority girls created, where they attempted to defy the stereotypes of sorority girls in America with statements like: "Society says sorority girls are rich and spoiled, but I pay for my dues and tuition," or "Society says sorority girls buy their friends, but you can't put a price on sisterhood." The photo series itself is sweet – it has a message of inclusivity and positivity. Yet, the responses to this photo series were anything but that.

One Twitter user responded stating that the photo series was "pathetic" because, "Some of us are actually from diverse backgrounds, immigrant families, low-income households, etc."

Another Twitter user mentioned, "I saw some s*** like this on my Facebook literally a week ago lmao why do they wanna be oppressed so bad."

It is absolutely no secret that Greek life has a bad reputation. Popular movies like "Neighbors" paint members of Greek life as shallow, rich, and incompetent for the purpose of shock value and humor. Although this image was manufactured for the purpose of entertainment, the idea has seeped into the mindset of society to ultimately promote an extreme overgeneralization of an opportunity in college that is anything but harmful.

Many of the responses to the original tweet seemed to stem from the assumption that being an intelligent and reasonable student and being a part of Greek Life are mutually exclusive. This concept is extremely hypocritical. The human identity is multifaceted and contextual. Every person engages and utilizes their intelligence in different ways depending on what the context requires, and to reason that members of Greek Life are not privy to this exact ability simply because of their affiliation is absurd.

Furthermore, users who claimed that Greek life lacks "diverse backgrounds" or "immigrant families" are only reinforcing this stereotype. Although I'd like to first state that I believe that Greek life absolutely does harness a fair amount of diversity, I think making this type of argument would be stale. Instead, I believe that restating stereotypes such as the above only isolates those from diverse backgrounds who may want to join Greek life, because they worry they will be cornered or ridiculed by their peers.

If you believe that Greek life is exclusive, my first recommendation would be for you to challenge that exclusivity by joining and breaking the barriers and proving Greek life wrong. But if we as a society continue to paint Greek life as this "whitewashed" organization and then ridicule any person of color who may be interested in joining, we are simply generating redundancy and contributing to the perceived issue.

In response to ideas of oppression, I agree with the statement that members of Greek life are by no means oppressed. There are minority groups who face genuine and violent oppression, and to use a word as strong as that to describe Greek life demeans those who endure a genuine struggle. However, I would argue that members of Greek life are unfairly stereotyped against, which is only highlighted by the backlash this photo series received. A photo series that had no purpose beyond defying stereotypes and promoting a well-rounded understanding gathered sarcastic feedback such as "sorority girls are braver than US Marines." Yet, all this negative feedback manifested in response to a photo series that had no intention of marginalizing or ridiculing those who were not a part of Greek life.

Instead, Twitter users took it upon themselves to assume the worst of Greek life.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to go rush to their nearest flower shop and send a sorority a beautiful bouquet of flowers begging for an apology. In fact, I couldn't care less if you like Greek life or not after this. What I am saying is that isolating and marginalizing members of Greek life because you believe that they unfairly prejudice those from diverse backgrounds is a problem. If you believe that joining an organization that promotes positivity, philanthropy, and mentorship isn't for you, that is absolutely ok. It isn't for everyone, and that's not a trait exclusive to membership in Greek life by any means. It is worthy to note, though, that making fun of sororities or fraternities for unreasonable assumptions you maintain makes you no better than what you perceive Greek life to be, and that is something to absolutely be mindful of.

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