Why I Don't Want Tattoos
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Everywhere you go these days you will almost always see someone, or even multiple people, with tattoos. I don’t have anything against these permanent works of art, but personally I can’t see myself getting any tattoos now or anytime in the future. If you’re on the fence about wanting to get a tattoo or not, here are a few reasons to reconsider getting permanent ink on your body.

1. Tattoo artists can easily mess up.

This is probably the worst-case scenario when it comes to tattoos. I have seen so many pictures of “tattoo fails” where the artist messed up a tattoo and that person is stuck with that design. It’s very unfortunate that this does happen to people but mistakes happen, the downside is that in this case, it’s permanent.

2. Removal is costly.

If the tattoo artist happens to make a mistake with your tattoo and you definitely want to get it removed, be warned, because laser tattoo removals cost more than the original tattoo cost in the first place. Laser removal can range anywhere between 75 dollars to 300 dollars per treatment session and it could take multiple sessions to completely remove the ink depending on the size of the tattoo. Not only that, but it doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be faint remains of said tattoo on your skin.

3. You can easily change your mind.

Getting a tattoo is no joke, it's permanent and unless you want to pay for laser removal, I suggest you rethink whether or not you want that quote from your favorite song back then that reminded you of your now-ex. Take Justin Bieber for example, he has been attempting to cover up his tattoo of ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, but everyone still knows what it originally was. People are constantly changing their liked and dislikes so getting something permanently inked on your body can be a gamble.

4. Your body changes over time.

As you get older, your skin starts to change and wrinkles start to appear. Tattoos are also affected by these changes and it isn't always thought of when going into a tattoo parlor at 18 years old.

5. Some professions require tattoos to be covered.

Even though tattoos are becoming more and more common, a lot of workplaces still do not allow tattoos to be shown while on the job. This is such a pain and if my tattoos would have to be covered up a majority of the time, then what's the point? Another point is that employers will be hesitant to hire someone if they have too many tattoos that they aren't able to hide. Save yourself the stress and just skip the tattoos.

6. Let's face it, it hurts.

I know this might not apply to everyone, but personally, I am such a sensitive person when it comes to pain, so tattoos wouldn't be a good idea for a person like myself. Different spots on your body can hurt hurt more or less than others and I don't intend to find out where those places are.

7. The needles used could be infected if not changed.

Not all tattoo parlors can be reliable in their sanitation procedures and that is a huge problem. Keep in mind, tattoo needles break through the skin while placing the ink on your body and have been used on multiple other people that could possibly have a disease. Avoiding tattoos is a definite way to stay clear of the possibility of having a disease transmitted to you.

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