I understand that tattoos may not be for everyone, but in my opinion, everyone should get at least one tattoo that they absolutely love at some point in their lifetime. People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, but every tattoo is equally as special and unique.

People frequently worry that they will regret their tattoo later on or that they won't be able to find a tattoo idea that they will be able to commit to for the rest of their life. But once you finally get a tattoo, you fall in love with it and can't wait to get more.

Here are 11 reasons why everyone should get at least one tattoo:

1. Tattoos are like art on your body.

2. Tattoos are a great way to pay tribute to something or someone you love.

Take the classic "I <3 Mom" tattoo, for instance. (but just a suggestion, don't actually get that).

3. Tattoos are just cool to look at.

4. Your tattoos will be unique - no one will have a tattoo that is quite like yours!

Your tattoos will make you unique and help you show off your distinct personality.

5. Tattoos are a permanent reminder of a particular moment or time in your life.

Having a tattoo that reminds you of a certain experience will always help you reminisce back on that time.

6. Sometimes, the story of a tattoo becomes a great story to tell.

My boyfriend got a leprechaun tattoo in Dublin during St. Patrick's Day weekend - that will definitely be a great story one day!

7. Once you have a tattoo, you'll notice it and it'll make you happy.

Sometimes I forget my tattoos are even there, but I always smile when I see them.

8. Tattoos help people get a sense of who you are and what your style is.

Having a specific tattoo may show people what you are interested in or what you value.

9. Tattoos can either be very meaningful, or you can get one simply just because you want it.

Not all tattoos have to have a deeper meaning! It's okay to get a tattoo just because you like the design or image.

10. Tattoos are a form of expression.

11. If you've been considering getting one for months or even years, just go for it!

In the words of Shia LaBeouf, "just do it!"