Short Story: Never Trust The Sun

Don't trust the sun. It'll always burn you.

Growing up with a big heart is a very dangerous trait. It seems as though you are always hurt in the end. Yet, no matter what, you continue to trust.

Catherine was that person, she always went to the sun and always got burned. During the beginning of her life, she was only burned every so often and just assumed it was a sensitivity issue. Maybe she was too fair and that is why she constantly got burned. Though, too much thought was never put into being burned, and Catherine continued to live her life trusting the sun.

As the years went by Catherine had been burned a few more times, each more severe than the last. Naively, she still kept open arms and a big heart, taking whatever was being thrown her way.

In middle school, Catherine began to realize her flaw. She was constantly burned this time to the point of blisters and finally, Catherine realized it was just as much her fault as the sun's. Her heart was far too big for this cruel world, and she would always go back to trusting the sun.

But, in reality, the sun was never really the sun. It wasn't a ball of fire in the sky that burns 80% of people if they aren't careful. This sun came in multiple forms, as multiple different people, with two legs, and a heartbeat. These suns were "friends" and foes that Catherine had known her entire life.

Entering a different part of her life, Catherine had the same friends who she never imagined losing. Sure, every now and then they may have let her down, but she was used to that at his point. These friends burned her a few more times and even though she had thicker skin and a wall around her big heart, these burns hurt the most. More than any burn she had ever received from the "sun" before.

Don't trust the sun, you'll always get burned. With a huge heart, people tend to walk all over you and that is by NO means your fault. People who genuinely see no wrong in the things they've done in terms of hurting people are the ones who make the biggest scene when they are hurt.

Overtime Catherine came to realize she needed none of these suns and only needed those who were truly behind her. She still trusts with everything in her and has one of the biggest hearts the world has seen, but lesson learned: Never trust the sun.

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