For some reason, today people have no sense of boundaries. Everyday people think it's okay to randomly deliver unsolicited physical contact to COMPLETE STRANGERS. Whether it be hugging, poking, touching someones back, grabbing their arm, or what have you, people can't seem to keep their hands to themselves. But there are some of us out there that not only dislike physical contact but downright hate it. Here are 13 things only people who hate physical contact will understand:

1. When someone you barely know tries to hug you

Woah, woah, WOAH OKAY. I barely let my friends hug me and I don't even know you. It takes years to let people I like hug me, so can you like, not do that? AND WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME FOR SO LONG THIS IS THE WORST.

2. When people feel the need to stand 2 inches away from you while you're talking

Hey, have you ever heard of this thing called a bubble? WELL, YOU'RE IN MINE. Can you please back up about 3 feet to continue this conversation so I don't feel like you're basically on top of me. All I can think about is punching you if you get any closer to me.

3. When random people tap you to get your attention or just randomly touch you during conversation

Why? Why is this needed? First off, if you need my attention I have a name. Second off, there is no need to put your hands on me to continue this conversation. Keep your hands away from me before I snap your fingers.

4. People always complain that you "aren't an affectionate person"

There's plenty of ways to show affection by not having my hands all over you. I'm not sorry that I don't want to superglue my body to yours. Now, get off of me because I feel like I can't breathe.

5. When you're in a bad mood and people say "someone needs a hug"

No, the last thing I need (ESPECIALLY when I'm in a bad mood) is a hug. If you want to get hit, go ahead, try it. If you don't, get the hell away from me.

6. You don't like telling people bad news in fear they're going to try and physically comfort you

Just because I'm upset does not warrant you to put your hands on me. Get away.


Don't you even dare try this. Don't. You. Dare.

8. People think that you're just really mean

I can be a nice person. As long as you keep your hands off of me, we'll get along just fine. Just DON'T TOUCH ME.

9. People don't understand when you tell them you don't like physical contact

Look, if I know you and I'm comfortable with you that's a different story. But if not, I do not want your hands anywhere near me.

10. You are so bad at comforting people

Can I offer you some encouraging words instead of a hug while you cry?

11. When someone turns a high five into a hand hug

What do you think you're doing? Why did you think this was a good idea? I gave you a high five, was that not enough? I have so many questions.

12. People always ask "were you not loved as a child?"

First off, why would you even ask that question? Second off, my parents were very loving. Just because I don't like physical contact doesn't mean I wasn't loved as a child, what is wrong with you?

13. You have a very small group of people that are allowed to touch you

Family and close friends that I'm comfortable with, none of this applies to you. And just because I let some people touch me does not mean I have to be okay with everyone else touching me.

Do yourself, and me, a favor and PLEASE do not try and force physical contact on me. If I'm comfortable enough with you, you'll know. If not, keep your hands off of me.