Sometimes I wonder why social media is even a thing, all it does is make us not be able to have a face to face conversation and defines us by how many likes we get on a picture and how many followers we have on a social media platform. But we shouldn't let numbers define how popular we are or how cute we look. Social media is not that important to depend your life on it by posting a picture on Instagram every day and tweeting nonsense every minute.

We're so busy trying to get 200 likes on an Instagram picture that we can't even talk to people. I mean we can but that's over texting and snapchat but if we're face to face it's very awkward, especially if you haven't seen that person in a while. Social media became this thing that we lean on when nobody's listening.

We shouldn't feel like we need to post a picture today because we haven't posted one in a week. Things like that don't matter unless that's actually your job, but even then how long is that going to be your job. How long is social media going to be around? In a couple of years, there might be a new trend where nobody has an Instagram anymore or any other social media.

Only some of the followers you have actually like you and the other ones are just following you to see what you are doing and you have the followers that only follow you because you follow them. The numbers of followers you have don't make you better than anyone else.

We try to document everything that happens to us that we're too busy to enjoy that moment. The best moments of your life don't need to be on Facebook or Instagram, they need to be cherished between you and the others that are a part of that moment.

We get mad when someone looks through our phones because it's "private" but we post everything that happens to us on social media. It doesn't make sense. All social media is doing is having us compare our lives to others and hating everything we have because someone has better. Nobody is as perfect as they make themselves seem on social media. Just because it's not posted on social media doesn't mean it's not true. Social media doesn't make us happy if we want to be happy we have to be willing to live the life we have and not document a life we wish we had. We can't compare our lives to others because no one is the same, not everyone has the same dreams and same needs and wants.

Social media does nothing for us except give us low self-esteem because we don't get a certain amount of likes. We should be able to live without social media. We should let how we portray ourselves in public define who we are as a person.