We get it, you're madly in love with your boyfriend.

We're happy for you, truly. But is it really necessary for you to post every single thing the two of you do together?

Did you know it's possible to be in a completely happy relationship without having to show the world all the expensive things he buys for you? Or that he takes you to the nicest restaurants and surprises you with gold-dipped roses...

Being in an awesome relationship is a very exciting time, but there are intimate experiences that are made to be shared and kept between the two of you. Those are moments when the best memories are made.

But you're too busy broadcasting it all over social media, and you're missing out on the true simplicity of a relationship.

What are you trying to prove? To whom?

Is there an ex-boyfriend that you want to see how good you're getting treated now? Are you trying to prove to your friends that your boyfriend is the best? Do you want your followers to be envious of the luxurious gifts you're receiving?

You may think that you're impressing those on the other side of the screen, but not everyone is going to perceive your relationship as rainbows and butterflies. If there's an over-expression of look how amazingly happy we are, then something tells me you're probably not that happy.

Instagram is a tough game. We've all been there, wanting to post the best pictures and the best angles. But don't drag your boyfriend down with you. Have you ever stopped to think for a second that, maybe, just maybe, he's not comfortable with you posting private text messages between the two of you on your Instagram story?

There are parts of a relationship that are made to be expressed, and there is definitely a time and a place to post pictures with your boyfriend, or even throw up a little appreciation post. But flashing it in everyone's faces that he spoils you and spends all his money on you, isn't necessarily a good look.

We get it, you guys are mad cute. But we don't need to be constantly reminded that you're spoiled.

We're not bitter. We're happy for you, truly.

But enough is enough.