I Don't Like Her, I Don't Agree With Her, But I'm With Her
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I Don't Like Her, I Don't Agree With Her, But I'm With Her

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that can stop a racist from getting into the White House.

I Don't Like Her, I Don't Agree With Her, But I'm With Her
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I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm a #BernieBro and was very skeptical of Hillary Clinton's honesty coming into the Democratic National Convention. In my mind, I had an ultimatum.

If Clinton could inspire me, I would vote for her. If she couldn't, I was going to seriously consider writing in my political hero Bernie Sanders' name. She failed at this ultimatum miserably.

Her speech was not inspiring. Truthfully, I fell asleep. But there was something inspiring about the Democratic National Convention. I felt inspired by all the other speakers that took that stage. First Lady Michelle Obama hit a home run with her speech and that continued to President Obama's speech that he delivered.

Ultimately, it wasn't about the ultimatum anymore. The speakers reminded me of why I love being a Democrat and because of that I did leave the convention inspired. So for now I'm checking my idealism at the door to say, reluctantly, #ImWithHer.

Throughout the entire primary process, one of the many things that has turned me off about Hillary Clinton is actually her supporters. Many of her supporters that I engaged with on social media solely deemed that I should vote for Clinton because she was a woman. I would counter by asking: Does that mean if Michele Bachmann ran against Bernie Sanders you all would vote for Michele Bachmann? They would always answer by the fact that they would have to agree on the issues.

My next response was then: So, why are you demonizing me for agreeing on the issues with a male candidate and preferring that candidate get to the White House when you just said you wouldn't vote for a woman if you didn't agree with her policy positions? Logic Trap.

Another notion that we need to get rid of is party unity/stronger together. There will not be party unity because of the constant missteps that Clinton has made. Hours after Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in disgrace, Clinton brought her on to her campaign as a honorary chairwoman.

How does the campaign expect their to be party unity if Clinton is basically wrapping her arms around the person many in the media and many Bernie Sanders supporters see as the person who tipped the scale in favor of Clinton? Also, the Clinton campaign made a major mistake when they decided they weren't going to allow Nina Turner to second the nomination of Bernie Sanders for president of the United States of America.

Anyone who is an avid Bernie Sanders supporter knows who Nina Tuner is. Nina Turner was a former Ohio State Senator and candidate for Ohio Secretary of State. She also was an early Clinton backer. After hearing about The Political Revolution Turner decided that Sanders was the best candidate for president.

Turner has been to countless states firing up Sanders supporters and reminding them that he speaks truth to power on numerous issues. When the nominations for Sanders happened, I was honestly shocked to see that Turner was not one of the speakers. Later, Sanders' supporters had come to know why this was the case and began to feel slighted.

Clinton is going to get a lot of Sanders' votes for one reason and one reason only. Donald Trump is a racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic nightmare. With Trump in the White House, America's national security would be a risk every single day. The 2016 Presidential Election in the United States is just sad.

Our choice of candidates is sad. The fact that I can't vote my conscience is sad. A vote against Clinton is one step closer to seeing that Trump gets to the White House. It honestly sucks that this is the predicament that many first time voters are in.

This election is going to be the true test of American patriotism. If Trump wins, there will be national security threat after national security threat for the next four years. This cannot happen. It pains me to have to vote out of fear but that is what every other Sanders supporter is going to have to do.

We can not have a dark cloud hovering over America for the next four years. As much as I disagree with Clinton and feel no inspiration towards her as a candidate, I cannot look back forty years from now and tell my kids that I played a part in seeing that Trump was elected president of the United States. (Plus, there is added pressure because I'm registered to vote in Pennsylvania and it is truly a battleground state.)

To all the #Berners out there, keep #FeelingTheBern. #FeelTheBern in all the down ballot races to make sure true progressives are being elected in local municipalities and state and federal legislatures.

The political revolution continues because we are the revolution. Keep looking to Senator Sanders as a political idol and hero because he is. But because I will not let Trump insult his way to the White House and the other Democrats at the convention made me happy to be a Democrat again, I have to do what I told myself last year I would never do.

I have to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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