Everyone wants to feel a sense of approval from others in the world, right? We all want others to like us no matter what because that is just human nature. However, that is never going to be the case because we were not placed on this planet to please everyone, and nor should we live our lives that way. We also seek out social media to feel validated by others whose opinions shouldn't even matter to us in the first place.

I am sure we have all done this before. You go on Instagram and post a really good selfie in the hopes that all your followers will "like" it and somehow that makes you feel good. All just because a person using a smartphone double-taps a picture they see on their timeline. The way social media is nowadays it has our minds trained to think that all these "likes" define who we really are as people when they are so meaningless if you really sit and think about it.

It's important to keep in mind that your followers only see what you decide to post on social media, which is probably not that much. So, they may see a picture pop-up on Instagram that you posted and that's it. We all should realize by now that people only post what they want you to see online. One picture doesn't define a person, and the same goes for how many "likes" you get on a post. Post pictures of the things that you like and of things that make you happy. Don't just post something for everyone else because you think you will get a lot of "likes" on it. Where is the logic in that?

We get so wrapped up in trying to please everyone that we forget that we need to please ourselves first. So, I have a challenge for you. Go out and take a picture of something just because you want to. It can be a picture of the sunset (definitely one of my favorites), a picture of your pet, or even a selfie. Just remember that you are taking it for yourself and that filters and all that jazz shouldn't matter and then go ahead and post it for the hell of it. Don't worry about who will see it or "like" it because honestly who cares. As long as you are proud of it and like it then that is all the validation you need. Always remember that the number of "likes "on a post should NEVER have an impact on your happiness.

You are still good enough with or without a ton of "likes."