LaCroix. Bubly. Perrier. Dasani.

There are many brands of sparkling water. No matter the brand, these drinks are delicious while still being devoid of sugar, sodium, and the dreaded calories! YES, I repeat, these drinks have zero calories!

LaCroix is the go-to drink in my household. My boyfriend and I buy about ten boxes worth on Shipt. We usually drink one to two of these beverages a day.

Our favorite flavors are grapefruit, lemon, lime, and cherry-lime but there are so many other flavors! You can find almost all of the fruits represented in the drinks!

Bubly is the Pepsi-brand competitor to LaCroix! I personally think the drinks taste fruitier than LaCroix but my boyfriend disagrees. I stay away from the Dasani brand due to the added sodium and Perrier is just expensive!

Do you like passionfruit? They have passionfruit LaCroix.

How about coconut? LaCroix has that flavor too!

And watermelon? Bubly sells a new watermelon sparkling water.

Have you ever tired a grapefruit melon combo in sparkling water? I am sure you haven't unless you have tried the Curate flavors from LaCroix.

If you cannot tell, I love these guilt-free drinks! The only concerns that sparkling water brings are the potential for bloat and possible loss of tooth enamel (if you drink too many of them or any carbonated beverage for that matter)! I just try not to drink too many and do not notice much bloating.

Instead, I find that these drinks are refreshing and delicious. No matter when you drink them. Or what you drink them with.

To those reading have never tried this beverage, I am sure you are confused why I would try so hard to convince you LaCroix is great. No, unfortunately, I am not being paid by the company to write this. I am not nearly that cool. There is a more important reason.

LaCroix gets a lot of hate. It gets hated by people who have tried it and do not like it. And it gets hate from individuals who have never tried it and are offered one. "It doesn't sound good," they usually tell me when I offer them a sip of my favorite drink (Cherry-Lime Curate LaCroix).

I totally understand if you have tried the drink and do not like it. But I do have a question for you. Do you drink soda? All sodas, including the diet ones, have a form of sugar (ex: stevia) that gives the soda its taste. LaCroix may be significantly less flavorful and that is okay. It is not trying to pretend to be a soda; it is water with hints of natural fruit flavors.

It is not my place to judge how you do you. And if you doing you means drinking soda, go for it! But if you are looking for an alternative to soda for health reasons or otherwise, LaCroix would be a good switch. The carbonation really allows me to feel like I am drinking a soda, if only for a second.

If you have never tried LaCroix because you do not think you like it, give it a try! You may not like it at first. Spoiler: I did not like LaCroix the first time I tried it. My boyfriend liked it and offered me a can of grapefruit sparkling water (LaCroix) which is now one of my favorite flavors. I tried it and did not find much taste so I did not like it. Then a year went by and I tried a Dasani sparkling lime water; I loved it and began purchasing LaCroix regularly.

A tip for those who want to try LaCroix is to recognize that the flavors are very subtle. A hint of a fruit flavor is an accurate way to describe what the drink tastes like.

Many foods and drinks are acquired tastes. I definitely did not like coffee the first time I tried it but I love it now. Not all children like vegetables growing up but that does not mean they shouldn't eat the vegetables; they learn to like some of them.

So don't knock LaCroix before you have tried it. If you have tried it and do not like it, I suggest you give it another chance. If you know you really don't love the drink, I feel bad for you. You are missing out on something great in your life. If you are like me and love LaCroix, I am sure this article has resonated with you!