Never Give Up

Walking away.

Acting like nothing happened.

Forgetting your responsibilities.

These are many attributes that happen when you just want to give up.

Breaking something.

Tears colliding in your eyes.

Feeling nothing.

These are the emotions that you feel when you simply want to be done.

Someone that loves you very much is watching you. They don't want you to give up. Whether that person be a significant other or maybe that person is passed away and has become your guardian angel, they don't want you to give up, so why even think about it in the first place?

Also, your academics are very important. Giving up means losing motivation to conquer your classes for the semester. Your parents, your friends, your family, and everyone else who deeply cares about you; they want you to pass, they want you to succeed. Give school everything you have and don't let it bite you in the ass. School is expensive and important, don't take it for granted.

Lastly, your family is an important cause as to why you should never give up. This can be your blood family, the ones who you grew up around, or this can be your second family (your best friends family, your boyfriends family, any family that you have taken and created yourself full of people that care about you). Your family is always there for you. They have invested so much time in money into your schooling, your education, your career, your life. They don't want to see you give up because they care about you deeply and they don't want to see their little girl or little boy fail. Don't let them see that side. Don't fail.

I have learned that talking about what is stressing me out has helped me not have as many panic attacks as I have had a lot in the past. Another thing is church; praying; anything religious. God is always someone to talk to. But I have found out that talking to my fiance has helped me a lot more because he is physically there for me.

If you need help, or are concerned about something, talk to someone. Talking helps way better than keeping it bottled up inside of you.

Don't give up.

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