The movie "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" caused an uproar in the dating universe. Girls started searching for their Peter, but do they have what it takes? Having a Peter isn't just having the most perfect boyfriend ever, you have to deal with his friends and that he is a very flawed human.

He has a past that you would have to accept, just like Lara Jean, she was able to listen to his problems and give him the advice he needed to hear if you plan on having a Peter, making sure his feelings are taken care of, just like he is taking care of yours.

Boys, the same goes for you. Expecting a Lara Jean when you are nothing like Peter, is not fair for her. You have to take care of her and treat her like a princess and she will treat you like a prince in return.

She deserves the world just like her Peter does, don't give her any less and she will give you all of it back.

Overall, treat your significant other with respect and love just like Peter and Lara Jean did and your relationship should succeed.

They both had flaws, but they accepted them and loved each other regardless of the flaws the other had. They gave each other the unconditional love they both deserved and if they can do it, anyone can.