It's stupid! End of story, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. See y'all next week. Just, kidding, but honestly not really.

For those of you wondering, yes, I am single but that's not why I think Valentines Day is stupid. Okay maybe a tiny little bit but very tiny. I've been single my whole life and there was once a time I loved Valentine's Day so I don't think they correlate.

I think I was in middle school when I came to the realization that Valentines Day was pointless. Let me explain before you come at me with all the hateful comments. Every year at the beginning of February and end of January every, and I do mean every store has some kind of Valentine's Day decoration, items to sell, to wear, and of course to eat. Billions of dollars are spent a year for one day. One specific day out of the year to be affectionate towards to most important person in your life. Are you serious?

Let's break it down of what someone might buy during this time of year. Flowers, real living flowers. Normally red roses, because you know that's what we've been told is the most romantic of all the flowers. Why isn't a sunflower more important? Or a purple tulip? Anyways so red roses are supposed to be the equivalent of one's true love. So what if you can't afford a dozen roses? I think people forget how expensive red roses are because they are in such high demand during this time of year. Roses are not easy to grow. Trust me, my mom and I have tried and failed multiple times.

I dare the ones reading this to buy a different flower if you are still planning to do so. Take the time to research the different meanings of flowers, yes each flower and color has a different meaning, and give your special person that flower. But really at the end of the day but fake flowers because we all know those live flowers are good for like a week then they die like a lot of relationships over Valentine's Day.

Now let's talk about candy. I don't know if you are aware but the conversation heart candy that everyone knows and has loved for decades will not be made this year. So if you are buying some, check the expiration date just in case. Came we also talk for a minute how ridiculously expensive heart-shaped chocolate is? Best believe I don't buy any of that candy until at least February 16th when it starts going on sale.

Honestly, who eats that much candy in one day? I'll tell you who, people who love candy. That's why I have several filled cavities from when I was younger. Back to my point though, billions of dollars are used to make the candy, sell it, and then dispose of the scraps and wrappers. The same thing can be said for other holidays, but I'm more talking about the candy that is specifically made for Valentine's Day.

Let's finish off with the real reason I don't celebrate Valentine's Day and think you shouldn't either. I think it's stupid that on only one specific day of the year you are supposed to overly show your affection towards someone. Why can't I receive a bouquet of tulips on a Monday just because? Why can't we go out for a fancy dinner in the middle of March? Why can't I get an edible arrangement at work just because you wanted to make me smile? Why is it so ingrained in our minds that we must prove to everyone around us that we love the person we are with just on Valentine's Day? Shouldn't we do that all the time?

I know I'm not the only person that thinks this way. I dare you to not do anything on Valentine's Day unless you already made reservations and stuff, but next year don't do anything. Treat it like any other day and see how the people in your life react to it. See if the person you're with will stay with you even if you mention the notion. Trust me, you will be surprised.