Let's Spread Love, Not Panic
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Let's Spread Love, Not Panic

Sometimes it’s hard to find a silver lining of a terrible outbreak, so that’s why it’s my mission to help y’all.

Let's Spread Love, Not Panic

Here are the following reasons to not give up on hope. To think that 100 years from now, we would be a topic for world history classes. However, we can't be remembered for how poorly we acted in this situation. Even though it's zoom university, cancelled sport seasons, and saying goodbye to your friends much sooner, there are a lot of stuff to look forward to. One to start with is knowing that you're protecting a lot of us by staying at home, this virus knows no limits. Whether you're healthy or chronically ill, famous or normal, old or young, we have the possibility to get really sick from this.

Andy Beshear


With our newly elected governor, Andy Beshear is making sure we won’t hit hard from the virus. Keeping us updated with a 5pm televised speech, keeping on top with testing, closing all unnecessary stores to the public, and reminding us to stay away from each other 6 feet apart. His leadership is praised throughout the nation, and the memes are keeping us in high morale.



A very progressive cure for a very aggressive virus. A vaccine is on its way to us. At first, the CDC stayed that a cure for Covid-19 would take 18-24 months. However, with a huge amount of funding for the government and celebrities, and blood from people who recovered, the vaccine is in the works.



This virus taught us that it’s necessary to not spread illness, but to spread kindness. Such as supporting local businesses by shopping through pick-up, or helping an elder with groceries because they couldn’t go to the store, even staying at home when you would rather hang out at the beach for spring break. Sacrifices have to be made for us to enjoy what we’re missing, and with y’all going out to spread kindness, you’re doing your job to help us get back to normal.

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