What Actually Keeps Guys Interested In A Girl
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I Asked Guys What Actually Keeps Them Interested In A Girl And This Is What They Said

*Vigorously taking notes.*

I Asked Guys What Actually Keeps Them Interested In A Girl And This Is What They Said

As girls, we can obsess over what we do and how we act when we are with a guy we like. MANY times I have hung out with a guy I like, got home, and beat myself up over small things I did or said. I know I can't be the only one.

"Omg, I shouldn't have said that. He probably thinks I'm literally insane."

We overthink everything when honestly he's thinking about how your butt looked in your leggings (lolol). Boys just don't overthink things as much as we do. It's just how it is. So, to ease all of our lady minds, I wanted to put together an easy list from lots of different guys to help us out.

Here's what these guys said about what actually keeps them interested in a girl:

1. Available, but not too available.

"Hm. A lot of things go into it... I think it would be hard to narrow it down to one thing. I think that it depends on what the girl wants out of it. If she's wanting to date and be more serious then she needs to hold off on having sex with the guy. It's just tough to find the right balance between holding out and being a complete tease. If she's not looking for something that serious but wants to have something with the guy, then it is more just about finding a good balance between being available enough to keep his attention, but not being too available because if you make it too easy on him then he's going to lose interest because of that."

- 23-year-old medical student

2. Stay interesting.

"Being consistent. Talking and being interesting, not complacent and boring."

- 23-year-old college student

3. Balance.

"Balance, a girl that can give you a tad of everything while not overwhelming you with one thing."

- 23-year-old graduate student

4. Personality.

"In my longest relationship what kept me interested was her personality. I didn't care what we were doing, I was just happy to be with her because it was fun and relaxing (most of the time). I think I was like truly in love with her because I haven't really felt that way for another girl."

- 21-year-old college student

5. Loyalty.

"If we're talking about little things, then I'd say how well-kept they are! If we're talking then I'd say signs of loyalty."

- 23-year-old working man

6. Showing consistent interest.

"I have to say her consistently letting me know she is interested. Enthusiasm, flirtation, wanting to make plans, that kinda stuff makes a guy too excited to fall asleep cause they're thinking of whatever flirty funny text they're gonna see in the morning from someone they're interested in. It turns me off when she is a boring texter."

- 22-year-old college student

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