Make America Greater

Make America Greater

Donald Trump won the presidential election, now it's time for us to work with him and make some serious change for the better.

Freedom's Back

We Lost...

It happened, it did. Donald Trump won the presidential election, Republicans are going to control every branch of government. How did we let this happen?

I’ll tell you how. We stood up. We reached out. And we handed it to them on a gold platter.

I bet every liberal reading this is saying, “What? We did no such thing! We fought our asses off.”

Well, you didn’t. How do I know? Because I didn’t.

I didn’t fight in this election, I thought that I could simply sit out and wait. I was sure that I didn’t have to do anything other than vote in order for the Democrats to win this election.

We thought that Democrats were more popular than they are, we had grown so complacent with the Obama presidency that we forgot that election time is war time. We forgot that we had to actually fight for the White House, we forgot that we didn’t control everything.

Look, I know what you're thinking, “I did everything that I could! I’m just one person!” and I know, it’s not possible for any one person to make things happen. However, it is all of our faults. The Democratic Party is corrupt, liberals are lazy in politics, and we didn’t fight hard enough.

Petitions, facebook posts, and other forms of protests that distance themselves from the actual issues are ineffective in the grand scheme of things. We need to make this country aware of the issues that we care about. Think back to the civil rights movement and the movement for women's rights. People made sure that no one was able to ignore those issues, we protested, we led massive sit-ins and marches. The Democratic Party needs to be more like this.

The Democratic Party and Democratic voters are to blame for the Trump presidency. Don’t protest his victory! He won fair and square because we were lazy! Don’t pound your fists! Come together, work with him to get what we need and work your asses off to get a government that we want, in four years. Vote whenever possible, learn who the people are that you are voting for and learn what they stand for. Teach conservatives that liberals aren't whiny, entitled, sissy’s by working with them for the next four years to make America better than it is today and then in four years mobilize to show them that they can not beat us like they did this year. Show them that we are serious about making a better America and maybe they’ll respect us just enough to work with us. Maybe we’ll all be able to get along and work together, and maybe we’ll be able to finally “Make America Great” for everyone once and for all.
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