Over the course of the past week there have been some major changes inside the Trump campaign as Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager resigned. This comes as Donald's poll number is plummeting into what some call a point of no return for the Republican nominee. Many see Manafort's resignation as a sign that the Trump camp is becoming desperate. This is the second time that a Trump campaign manager has resigned.

Trump has recently been receiving criticism from the media and from Republican party officials for having yet to "pivot" to the general election with a more "presidential" manor. It has been nearly a month since both conventions have ended, and Hillary Clinton's convention"bump" seems to be more than just a bump, considering her incredible poll numbers have remained. Clinton's outstanding numbers, some believe, are due to the way Donald continues to present himself.

Over the weekend, we have began to witness what is an attempt by the Trump campaign to change the perception voters have of Donald Trump. While giving a speech in North Carolina, Trump stated that he "regrets" some of the comments he has made in past, for "some things just slip out in a heated debate".

At a rally in Michigan, Trump attempted to bring in African-Americans into his umbrella of support by calling them out, but instead ended up insulting them even more. If Donald Trump wants to appeal to African-Americans, maybe he should start by talking to African-American voters. Instead, Trump is talking about African-Americans to a group of white people. At the rally, Trump asked African-Americans, as if any were actually watching, "what the hell do you have to lose [by voting for me]?" He then made some of the most anti-African-American statements by stereotyping and generalizing all African-Americans and African-American communities by stating, "You're living in poverty... your schools are no good... your youth are unemployed." Mr. Trump, say this to the African-American doctor that I go to, say this to the African-American lawyer that I know, say this to the African-American principal that I had.

Donald Trump is no president for African-Americans or any other minority for that matter... and that is coming form a white, southern boy from Tennessee. The "new" Donald cannot be believed, but he can not be taken for granted, either. Some people will believe the speech being read off the teleprompter that wasn't written by him, but we must not forget the true Donald we have now seen for the past year. I would predict that over the course of the next month, we will begin to see the polls tighten up due to the "new" Donald, therefore, we must continue to fight our hearts out until November the 8th and we win this thing. We must defeat this dangerous demagogue.