30 Reasons Donald Trump Is A Loser

I've written about lots of good reasons to vote against Donald Trump. How his rhetoric mirrors Hitler's , and how the Americans supporting a child rapist for President don't make me feel safe for starters. These next ones are just for fun. Now that he's about to lose the race, I figured it's a good time to humiliate him further.

1. His wealth was almost entirely handed down from his father.

2. His own children didn't vote for him in the primaries.

3. He was fired by his own company.

4. Bankruptcy number one.

5. He tried to distract from sexual assault allegations against him by bringing up another man's lesser and fewer alleged sexual assaults.

6. Bankruptcy number two.

7. He was upset when his running mate won a debate because he didn't praise him enough.

8. Bankruptcy number three.

9. Whenever he's losing in the polls, he claims the election is rigged.

10. Bankruptcy number four.

11. His own lawyers didn't trust him enough to meet with him alone.

12. He whined relentlessly about getting less time at the second debate, despite getting more time at the second debate.

13. The sex tape no one ever wanted Donald Trump to appear in.

14. He couldn't handle being roasted on a comedy show.

15. All of the advisors who left his campaign.

16. His total fail on Broadway.

17. He counts his hand gestures as physical exercise.

18. His failed vodka company.

19. He couldn't find enough of his own supporters to make one campaign ad.

20. His failed airline business.

21. He forces volunteers to sign lifetime loyalty pledges.

22. His failed narcissistic board game.

23. He didn't know what a ground game was until after the Iowa caucus.

24. His positions are based on who has spoken to him last.

25. The 51 health code violations of Trump Steakhouse.

26. He kicked a crying baby out of a rally.

27. The year-and-a-half run of Trump Magazine.

28. His campaign had to keep him away from his own Twitter.

29. He dodged the draft five times, once by claiming to have a foot injury.

And, finally...

30. His unprecedented refusal to admit loss if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

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