Are you having a bad day? Are you stuck in an awkward situation? Do you just really want to look at cute dogs? Maybe you only fall into one of these categories, maybe you fall into all three, but seeing a dog makes any day better.

1. When traffic is horrible

2. When life's going too slow

3. When life's going too fast

4. When you're trying really hard not to cry

5. When you don't want to move

6. When you just want to go back to bed

7. When technology is being particularly irritating

8. When it's windy outside

9. When working out is the last thing you want to do

10. When you're on a diet but the cookies are calling your name

11. When you're feeling particularly clingy

12. When you aren't feeling like yourself

13. When people are being extra stupid

14. When you can't seem to do anything right

15. When you couldn't care less about anything

16. When you daydream about being beachside

17. When you feel like you have the weight of the world on your back

18. When you accidentally wave at the wrong person