Does Crude Humor Belong On TV?

Does Crude Humor Belong On TV?

Crude humor shows are around, but for how much longer?

When I say the words crude humor, what comes to mind? Probably inappropriate, sexist, racist and disgusting comments that should rightfully offend individuals. This type of humor that has been a staple in adult animation since "South Park" began in 1997. But, in 2018, does this kind of humor still have a place in today's society?

"South Park" to me, is the beginning of crude humor in adult animation. With "Family Guy," "American Dad," "Big Mouth" and many others pushing the boundaries time and time again alongside "South Park." Some of these shows are classics, but there has been a rise of crude adult animation in the last 10 years.

I do not want to bog you down with titles of shows, but it is important to know some of these shows primarily so you can look them up later.

Knowing that today's society is becoming more progressive. It made me wonder about these shows like "Rick and Morty," "Big Mouth" and "Brickleberry." There is without a doubt a large fanbase that loves these shows to the point of worship. But, are they in the wrong for liking these shows in a time when we need to become united instead of divided?

I say that these fans are not in the wrong because everyone has a slightly different approach to humor. I know some people who would and do despise shows like "South Park." Personally, I love crude humor probably because it is so raw and not the fluffy stuff.

I do realize the horrible assumptions and racist remarks these shows make, but I am not all up in the arms against them for that. For example, "Brickleberry" makes jokes about Denzel, who is a black park ranger, being lazy and owing child support.

Now, many would and should take offense to those assumptions, but I think Denzel is a hilarious character and he simply confirms those stereotypes in a comedic way. Yes, at times these shows go way overboard and I acknowledge those facts. Those are the times where I think these shows shouldn't try and push hotspot buttons.

How can someone who is a feminist like shows that bash everything that a feminist may be against? It is very simple. I don't let it define my view on the show. A lot of the shows that show this crude humor are also the most advanced in terms of understanding social issues around the world.

"South Park" is without a doubt the best example because they tackle the most pressuring issues and put their comedic twist on it. In one of their episodes, all the Canadians are flocking to America, mainly in South Park, Colorado. So one of the characters, Butters, starts to date a Canadian girl and when he meets the girl's family, the father explains why they left Canada.

"Nobody really thought he'd ever be president. It was a joke! But we just let the joke go on for too long. He kept gaining momentum," the Canadian says. "By the time we were ready to say, 'OK, let's get serious now, who should really be president,' he was already being sworn into office. We weren't paying attention … We weren't paying attention!"

This quote should look familiar to what our country went through in the presidential election of 2016.

You have to give them props for dealing with this issue that really shaped our country. If you look beyond the crude humor of these shows, you will also see that they do a great job at just explaining life in general.

"Big Mouth," which is a more recent show on Netflix, deals with the dreaded experience of puberty of middle schoolers and the creators don't leave anything out. I mean they talk about the wet dreams, girls' menstrual cycle and all the horrible things that puberty brings along.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a live-action show actually tackle these somewhat "taboo" subjects that virtually everyone has or is currently going through. To have an animation show deal with these issues is an unbelievable thing to see. And believe me, this shows holds nothing back and every possible concern of puberty is discussed at length.

While adult animation has given us some of the most obscene and grotesque subject matter. They have the freedom to talk about social issues and life in general. I think that is a great trait of these shows. Crude humor shows push the boundaries, but they can also give us the best representation of what is truly happening in our world.

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Korean Indie Songs You MUST Listen To

Introducing you to Korean indie music, from my Spotify list to yours!

If I am not listening to Daniel Caesar or Khalid (both whom I love a lot), I am listening to Korean indie music. Indie music is pretty underground in South Korea as well, but there has been an uprising for many indie artists. Songs that I will be sharing are all my personal favorites, but these are not in any particular order.

I hope that introducing you to these Korean songs will spark an interest in you so that you can explore more in not only indie, but ballads, KPOP, and K-Hip Hop as well!!

1. Till The End of Time by The Black Skirts

The slow, dreamy, instrumental beginning makes you feel some type of way. This is the perfect song to turn on on a snowy morning or even a rainy night. It might bring back memories that you do not want to remember or maybe you'll think about the good memories. Either a must listen!

2. I'll Be There by G.Soul (also I recommend listening to No Answer)

Introducing G.Soul! He has a romantic voice that literally will melt your heart. He is now under a label called H1GHER MUSIC and has released amazing music. These two songs were released right before he enlisted in the army in Korea, so maybe the title is meaningful... I'll be there... even when I am in the army.... :)

3. Bawling by Primary, OHHYUK

Jazz, R&B, indie, you name it. OHHYUK, also from the band hyukoh, collabed with Primary and it is the best thing on Earth. This is Korean R&B, my friends.

4. My Love by Urban Zakapa

This is a little different from what I have introduced, but I wanted to introduce you to Urban Zakapa! They are an underrated group, but they have been gaining a lot of popularity after the song I hate you . This song might not fancy you but you have to admit, their vocals are incredible! Powerful and so fresh! This is a song that is nice to listen to at a coffee shop, with your cup of coffee.

5. Aewol by Moonmoon

It seems that many of his fans want to keep him as their own little secret, but I am sharing with all of you guys! His voice is so sweet and calming and I love to listen to this song in the car. His fans say that they like listening to him late at night or in the early mornings.

6. Cigarette by offonoff, Tablo, Miso

Absolutely a must listen. That's it.

7. Everything by 10cm

This guy's voice is heaven. It's incredible. I like listening to 10cm on a sad, snowy day. You might say his style is pretty folky, which makes it really different from the rest of the songs in Korea, but I am obsessed. This song especially has a bit of a folky tune to it, maybe because of the snare, but his voice fits so well with the instruments, it's wonderful.

8. rather be along by Nafla

Nafla is extremely underrated. Not a lot of people know who Nafla is. I didn't either until my dear friend introduced me to him and I fell in love. Very different vibe from my other recommendations but that's what I love about this! This song is a bit more hip-hoppy than the rest because Nafla is a hip-hop artist. Interesting fact is that Nafla is actually from downtown Los Angeles! As a fellow Californian, I am excited to introduce you to Nafla.

9. I Am Blue by 1415

1415 is probably more underrated than Nafla. The same friend who introduced me to Nafla introduced me to 1415 and again, I fell in love! This song is so catchy and a great song to listen to when I'm on my way to school in the morning. Something about it is so uplifting and gives me energy.

10. Wanna Love You by Paul Kim

Paul Kim is one of my favorite artist and this is a pretty old song of his but a good one! This guys voice is heavenly and jazzy, making it the best combo ever. Let me know if you are pressing replay!! Paul Kim is an incredible singer and I listen to every single one of his songs, and I recommend you do the same!

These are just my personal faves, so if these songs aren't your style, don't let it stop you from exploring more of Korean music!

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Mike Giles

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