14 Signs That You Are Doing The Most
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Politics and Activism

14 Signs That You Are Doing The Most

Do less.

14 Signs That You Are Doing The Most

Urban Dictionary defines someone who is "doing the most" as someone who is "trying way too hard to be impressive, but only causing self-embarrassment." Individuals who are accused of doing the most are often invited by their peers, and by society as a whole, to "do less."

Are you worried that you, or a loved one, might be doing the most? If you have ever found yourself or someone you know suffering from one or more of the following symptoms, you may need to talk to your doctor to seek out advice on how to do less.

1. If you pay for a premium subscription to Tinder, you might be doing the most.

2. If you voted in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood and against two separate gun control protocols, one barring Americans already on the "No Fly" list from purchasing firearms, both within a 24 hour period, you might be doing the most.

See how your senator voted here and here.

3. If you have a favorite drop in DJ Snake and Lil John's classic party anthem "Turn Down for What," you might be doing the most.

Mine's the second half of the third drop.

4. If you are the Westboro Baptist Church, you might be doing the most.

5. If you have ever un-ironically invited someone to "Netflix n chill," you might be doing the most.

6. If you think that the best way to "make America great again" would be to build a giant, "beautiful" wall on our border with Mexico, you might be doing the most.

Donald Trump is consistently doing the absolute most.

7. If you wear Chubbies during a snowstorm, you might be doing the most.

8. If you think that Starbucks' holiday cups are irrefutable proof of the "War on Christmas," you might be doing the most.

9. If you've ever engaged in a push-up contest, you might be doing the most.

10. If you think that climate change is a myth fabricated by the liberal elite, you might be doing the most.

11. If you have been known to "slide into one's DMs," you might be doing the most.

12. If you believe that our nation's current president is A) not an American citizen, B) a Muslim, C) the anti-Christ, or D) all of the above, you might be doing the most.

Scott Walker on whether or not he believes Obama is a Christian: "I don't know."

13. If you cut the sleeves off of t-shirts to DIY the ideal muscle tank, you might be doing the most.

14. If you send your prayers to the families of the victims of the disturbingly regular mass-shootings that we experience in this country but will not under any circumstances support legislation for gun control, you are actually doing the least.

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