Where Are All The 'Good Guys'? Do They Even Exist?

As a woman, I do not need a man to be complete. I'm perfectly fine on my own, and frankly, sometimes being alone is better than the stress and drama of having a relationship with the wrong person.

But admit it, new relationships are fun and exciting. There is nothing like it in the world. And when you meet a great guy, the last thing you want is to be on your own. You want to be with them. You think of them, dream of them and long to be with them.

Getting dolled up for a date is so much fun — the anticipation of seeing him, the desire to look good for him and your hope to be memorable in the sea of other girls out there.

So much goes into getting ready: the task of choosing the perfect outfit, the right shoes (so you aren't taller than he is), your jewelry (not too much, but just enough), getting your hair just right (sexy but not too perfect) and finding the perfect scent that he'll smell when he nuzzles your neck (and remember long after your date).

There's also the art of applying your blush, coating your feathered eyelashes with layers of black mascara and, of course, putting that perfect pink lipstick on — all while knowing that it's going to come off on his lips.

It's a process that men will never understand. They just know they like what they see and want to take off everything you've painstakingly chosen to put on for them.

But eventually, you begin to see the real person emerge from within the person you are with. There is always something.

They aren't over their exes or do nothing but talk about them. All they want is sex, or they don't put you first (or at least high up on the list). They have close friends that are female (which is OK once you get comfortable with it and get to know them, but in a new relationship it's hard to know if it's really a female friend or a convenient friend with benefits). They don't have time for you. They drink, vape, smoke weed or do drugs. They are uncaring, or they are just plain jerks.

So, where are the good guys? Where are the caring, loyal, faithful, protective, passionate, respectful, patient, perfect-for-you guys? Where are the ones who make you feel special, make you laugh, make you feel secure and make you feel like you're the only girl in the world?

I'm looking for the guy who smiles at you, looks at you and actually sees you — not the girl standing behind you. I'm looking for the guy who asks you questions and is actually interested in your answers, who remembers your favorite ice cream flavor, who holds your hand, or picks you up and carries you over a puddle so you don't get your shoes wet.

Where is the guy who sends you song lyrics, texts you "I'm thinking of you" without expecting a reply (and is really thinking about you, not just saying it)? Where's the one who stops when you say "no" and will wait patiently until you say yes? Where's the guy who appreciates the time you take to get ready for him and tells you that you are just gorgeous?

I want someone who isn't afraid to tell you their feelings, who doesn't play games, who knows your worth, who appreciates you, who doesn't ever want to lose you — the guy who you can trust with your heart.

I've always been very discerning in who gets a second look from me, and I am downright selective in who I say yes to.

I'm not a girl who needs a guy to be complete.

I don't need you — but I just might like to see where this can go and hope that you're one of the good guys.

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