The DMV isn't a place anyone goes to frequently, but when one does go there, they tend to spend a lot of time there. This gives us a lot of time to think about whatever you want, but here are seven thoughts we probably all have.

1. Why are there so many people here?!

It is a random time of day, shouldn't people be doing other things?

2. I'm not sure I even know what 6 points of identification are

Why do you need my license, social security card, bank statement, birth certificate, passport and more?

3. This line is SO LONG

4. Why is there only three people working when it is this busy?!?

5. Is it even possible to take a good license photo?

All I'm going to say is that it was rough.

6. Hopefully no one ever looks at my license 

My photo is horrible and my signature isn't even legible.

7. Good thing I won't have to come back any time soon!