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3 Ways On how i plan on unlocking my psychic powers

Three ways to unleash the power of divination within you.

By Bohemian Baltimore from Wikimedia Commons

Hey world, guess what. I'm psychic.

Well, I will be. Currently, all I have is a deck of tarot cards, but my goal is to one day have every divination tool and know exactly how to use it. You may be asking yourself: "Are there really that many different ways to tell the future?" You'd be surprised. Here are just a couple ways to get started.

1. Tarot Cards

By Volunteercitizen from Wikimedia Commons

I'm already pretty well versed in doing basic tarot readings. I got my deck for my 18th birthday from Amazon. Magical, I know. But it's not about where the cards come from, it's about letting your energy flow through the deck so the cards can reveal your future. I'm a big believer in tarot cards, especially since every reading I've done has been spot on. My only issue with tarot cards is that so many people view it as a party trick. Sometimes, I'll do a reading for a friend and they won't like the fortune they get, which often leads to them asking for me to redo their reading.

2. Runes

By Runologe from Wikimedia Commons

Originally, runes were a writing system for the germanic alphabet, where each rune represented a word. In divination, the runes are carved onto pieces of wood or stone. They can be laid out like tarot cards or thrown freely to see how they land. This is the method I want to conquer next. They say it's best to carve your own rune stones for more precise readings; however, there are many aesthetic sets for sale on Amazon.

3. I Ching Methods

By Internet Archive Book Images via Wikimedia Commons

The I Ching methods were developed in ancient China, dating as far back as 2700 BC. There are two different methods: the first uses something called yarrow sticks, the second are coins. Coins are considered to be easier than yarrow sticks. Similar to runes, the coins are tossed into the air and examined. Both the positioning and the visible side of each coin contribute towards one of 64 hexagrams, and the commentary associated with the resulting hexagram is used to interpret the future.

So there you have it. Three ways to get started on unlocking your third eye and seeing the future. I will be working to expand my knowledge on the art of divination, and I'm excited to see where the journey takes me.

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