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Ditch The Gym In September

Build muscle and gain cardio without stepping into the hectic gym

Ditch The Gym In September

As the cool fall and winter weather is approaching you walk into a gym and every single machine is taken and every dumbbell is in someone’s hand. Do not be a victim of a crowded gym in the winter ever again at HWS. Put on your leggings and cold weather gear because we're going outside!

I am a college student who is always trying to find ways to get out of the gym so I have found six ways, on campus where you can do a full body workout or cardio at the same intensity or higher than in the crowded field house. I have worked with Jynell Petrosino, a personal trainer on what exercises create the perfect balanced workout.

“You want to work opposing muscle groups,” says Petrosino, These examples here are three spots where you can do a workout that involves both cardio and strength.

1. Just Run!

It really can be that easy to just tie up a pair of sneakers and put your headphones in and call it a day. A 30-minute run can be a full workout if you put in the work. Try running from your dorm and go through Houghton House and continue into the lush fall colors of White Springs Road. This spot has one steep hill and a nice flat pavement that you can easily turn into a tough workout. Jynell says, “Cardio at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week.” This one run route can mark one day off your workout calendar.

2. Hit the Stairs

Look around you; there are stairs everywhere you turn at HWS. These are really all you need to get an intense cardio burn. Take the stairs between Cozzen and the Bristol Gymnasium for example. Start at the bottom and sprint up the steps as fast as you can and once you reach the top do 10 squats, 10 pushups and 10 burpees and run back down and repeat this for a total of eight times. This will target your entire body and core because as you run you need to stay tight in the middle to keep momentum.

3. Bench Press… Literally

We are lucky enough to live in a community where nice well-kept benches surround us and chairs are accessible everywhere on campus. Many don’t realize a chair or bench is a perfect spot to do a leg workout and cardio. Next time you workout, go onto South Main Street and find a bench. Start by doing 10 step ups on each leg followed by 10 triceps dips and finish with 10 split squats on each leg. Do this for four rounds, high intensity then finish with a nice cool down run from the end of the street and back. This will give you a great cardio and toning workout.

“You want to work opposing muscle groups,” says Petrosino, These last examples are three spots where you can do a workout on campus that involves both cardio and strength.

4. St. Claire Hill

• Warm Up: Jog for 5 minutes and stretch.

• Sprint up the hill and walk back down and at the bottom do a set of 10 situps, 10 squats, and 10 pushups for as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes.

5. The Quad

• Warm up: Run across the perimeter of the Quad then stretch.

• Workout: Interval Training •Five different moves: squats, jumping jacks , burpees, pushups, lunges.

• Go through this four times.

6. Buzzuto Boathouse Hill

• Warm up: Run up the walk way and walk back down doing lunges and arm circles, then stretch.

• Set a two minute stop watch for 10 rounds.

There’s no need to wait in line for a treadmill or go on a wait list for spin class. Try being outdoors, smelling fresh air, moving in your environment. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and embrace it. We are lucky enough to be young fit college students in Upstate New York. Full body and cardio workouts can improve your daily life so change it up once in awhile and get outside.

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