Disrespect At Its Finest
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Disrespect has been a rapidly growing stigma in the recent decades. Too many people are not ashamed or mindful of how they make others feel and to be blatantly honest, it is ridiculous. I define disrespect as not showing kindness and/or not honoring another being's feelings. It is not uncommon to see multiple forms of disrespect on a daily basis. Although disrespectfulness can be seen at all ages, I feel that it is most dominant in our youth.

Respect Your Elders

I would have to say that the golden rule for me is to always respect your elders. Not because if you don't respect your elders, then momma will slap you in the mouth, but because the least you could do is show courtesy to people who are older than you and have been through a lot more than you have. The best part about it is that if you show them respect, they'll have respect for you as well. It is truly a gift to be respected and admired by someone who is older than yourself.

Respect the People Around You

I think the biggest insult someone can make is to walk past you and not even acknowledge your existence. I see a lot of people like this, and it really irks my nerves. If you see someone you know, please wave and say hi. People today feel like we are living in a constant battle over who is better and who can "stick their nose higher", and this is exactly why. Come on people! Someone once told me that, in this life, you are owed nothing, and you do not owe anyone else anything either. We are all uniquely made, and we should all respect each other's differences. All over Facebook you can find ugly remarks between people, and it just makes the whole social media networking experience negative and awful. The world would be a much better place if everyone could just accept and respect.

You Give, You Get

Not always, but most of the time if you give respect, you will get it back. If someone if disrespectful to you, it is easy to disrespect them back; however, it is better to not disrespect them at all. If you are respectful to people regardless of the situation, it shows your true character and who is the "bigger" person. Make a difference. Don't follow the crowd, be a leader.

In life, we are all thrown curve balls, but we take it as it comes and try our best to go with the flow. Respect is the best compliment that one can offer. Hopefully, if you spread the kindness and love, the world will be more prone to giving it to others as well. It takes one to make a difference. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change that you want to see in the world."

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